XtraTuf Says Their Boots Are Better

Two years ago, parent-company Honeywell transferred production of iconic Alaskan footwear brand XtraTufs from Rock Island, Illinois, to a factory in China, and the product that rolled off the line was nowhere near what Alaskans had come to expect. XtraTuf says the quality is back to normal and they want to replace any pairs purchased that didn’t hold up, no questions asked. KDLG’s Dave Bendinger has more:@kdlg  15:08

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  1. Kam Warren says:

    The lining of my husbands new boots just peeled off.. I’d beg to differ!

  2. tristan demers says:

    Im still having problems with the “fixed” insulated and uninsulated xtra tuffs. still nowhere near the quality of the usa built ones

  3. Daniel Hoffay says:

    Xtratuffs used to be the Harley Davidson of industrial fishing boots…. but since they offshored the producing of them they have SUCKED. You guys had better get it together, and by the way, you’re not making any friends by sending jobs overseas.

  4. jj says:

    The price sure hasn’t dropped. I still have mine from 4 years ago. From the sounds of things another round of 5200 in tbe holes till things get better at the.factory.

  5. willie etheridge says:

    USA made only. Your boots don’t last two weeks since they sold them to muck boots. Even higher price for a cheaper boot. Better tighten your asses up.

  6. Years back sometime in the early 1970s, VIKING BOOTS phased out production in Norway and bought a plant in Malaysia where they have since made the famous “VW” (Viking Winter) aka Gator boot. I remember how a few guys here chased down the boot manufactured in Norway and buying a few extra pairs in their size, while others held off as long as possible in buying the boot “Made in Malaysia.” The issue at the time with the VIKING boots when they switched over wasn’t in the shell (the rubber) of the boot, but the material inside the boot (the wool)…and I had no idea why since I thought there wasn’t that much of a difference. This led to guys looking at other winter boot manufacturers like Sperry (bearable in the winter if you had no circulation in your feet) and eventually the Guy Cotten ASTRON thermal boot where you just used the separate liner and then tossed it out at the end of the winter. Depending on the shape of your foot, I know fishermen who tried the GC Astron boot, and due to the narrow toe box could not wear it for winter fishing, so it was back to wearing the Viking “Gator” boot. I know there is a large following for the Xtra-Tuf boots, but us old school guys here in the northeast, always had a soft place in our hearts for those “Made in Norway” Viking boots.

  7. William Mulcahy says:

    this is really embarrassing for me I’ve been promoting extra tough made me USA for years now on the Great Lakes now this year 2 guys got a pair both are ripping out and it really sucks more expensive than used to be less quality typical corporations screwing the consumer for more money less quality this really sucks let alone screwing the American people by sending jobs to China of all places

  8. JustMe says:

    Was so irritating when they changed, cost them my allegiance.

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