Conservationists team up with ranchers, loggers, turncoat fishermen

The Nature Conservancy is also partnering with the timber industry in California and Alaska to restore salmon by felling trees to create stream habitat.  The group also has partnered with the fishing industry. It bought out fishing permits in California and in  Maine to protect millions of acres of ocean habitat, then leased the permits back to fishermen who agreed to fish sustainably. Read More. Get mad!

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  1. freefish7 says:

    This is an issue that takes critical thinking. Think about this.

    Eco-charities like the nature conservancy try to make it to seem like they want to work with fishermen, farmers, ranchers, and loggers. These global “non-profit” environmental corporations and their multi-national for-profit corporate puppet masters really want to CONTROL all mankind and our access to our public resources.

    How is it that a tax exempt corporation like the nature con. can compete against the private tax-paying cattle ranchers they worked so hard to regulate out of business? How is it that eco-charities can push to regulate fishermen out of business and buy up the permits only to lease them back to those who will obey their demands? How is it that the corporations funding these tax-shelter shill eco-corporations get tax-payer funded “incentives” to build “green” industries? Could environmentalists, corporate executives, and federal bureaucrats be working together to “help” us and our environment at our expense?

    We the People need to take control of the debate about who harvests our natural resources and how it is done. We need to set up regional cooperatives working with state and local governments. We need to come up with a simple set of guidelines about how each resource should be harvested in a sustainable way and slash the bureaucracy’s budgets that currently control OUR resources with an iron fist.

    Is anybody interested in having a discussion about this issue?

  2. borehead - Moderator says:

    On a one to ten scale Nature Conservancy they rate a ten for deception. Talk about putting the CON in conservation, and even more to despise are the fishermen that would sell them the permit.

    • freefish7 says:

      I have found that many of the people working in government bureaucracies and ENGBs are college buddies. They shift around between different government and corporate non-profit bureaucracies milking the system for grant money, benefits, IRAs, and whatever else they can leech out of us while advancing the agendas they paid to be indoctrinated with in college. They are blissfully ignorant evil geniuses.

      • borehead - Moderator says:

        What may have started out with good intentions, the enviro movement has discovered they need more than granola , milk, and honey to exist, and they discovered capitalism. They have become as crooked and deceptive as any corporation, which in reallity, they are.For profit/non profit, is only a bean counter issue.
        Like buying quota!

        • freefish7 says:

          Unfortunately, greed and corruption have turned capitalism into an evil bastard cousin of the free-market. The unholy alliance between our government and non-profit and for-profit corporations is crony capitalism at its worst. It is NOT part of the free-market. They manipulate regulations to destroy competition and create monopolies that control our food and energy supply as well as access to other resources.

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        They are not your buddies. They are not ignorant. They are lazy evil pukes.

        • freefish7 says:

          I did not mean they are my buddies. The cute little girls and preppy boys that show up at fishery meetings from eco-charities are buddies with the bureaucrats. They sometimes switch posititions moving from one government or eco bureaucracy to the next. Many of them are ignorant of the way their theories play out in the real world and how they are puppets for global corporations. They may be lazy when it comes to actually doing physical work, but they work tirelessly to advance their agenda for the 21st century. Our only hope of defeating them is for fishermen across America to stand united in support of each other’s freedom to fish while informing the public and giving them easy ways to defend their freedom to access American seafood.

          • Joel Hovanesian says:

            FF7, You keep on them and don’t give in. You are well spoken articulate and obviously informed on the issues.

            Keep up the good work!

            • freefish7 says:

              Thank you Joel. The words of Winston Churchill haunt me when I consider giving in. “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

              I will fight on the internet. I will fight at the fishery meetings. I will fight in the media. I will never surrender!

              • Joel Hovanesian says:

                And also recruit. Inform. The truth is on our side. This website is here for promoting the truth about the the theft of a public resource. Let your friends and contacts know about FN.
                All the best to you

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        Just look how far it has taken Jane Lubchenco. A little ambition,no conscience, and the support of the likes of EDF and your set up for life.
        But at what cost to the nation? They sail under the mantra of saving the planet, what a joke. The only thing their saving is all the money that gets thrown at them by these self serving corporate backed ENGO’s while the peasants who actually produce something get burried under regulations by corrupt government agencies that are run by the puppets of these so called enviornmentalists groups.

        As the saying goes, white collar enviornmentalists destroying blue collar jobs by the millions!

        An old fisherman buddy of mine who has sinse passed had it right twenty five years ago. He said at the end of the day violence will be the only solution. He used the analogy of the civil rights movement which seemed to be spinning its wheels in the sixties until the riots came and large urban areas such as Philadelephia were set on fire with the rage of the people who were being neglected.

        We as people have done everything we have been asked to do to help conserve. The trouble with this is it has never been about conservation. It’s been about elimination and control of the ocean and a food resource. I never believed it in the begining. I felt what I’m sure a lot of unimformed people are probably thinking these days. Thinking people like us are just conspiracy theorist kooks. Felt this could never happen in the USA. I’ve come to the realization that I was sadly mistaken.
        Greed will be our undoing unless people stand up to it and end it……,NOW!

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