You should read this. Right whale extinction crisis gains momentum on Capitol Hill

Leaders from industry, science and advocacy convened on Capitol Hill this week for a congressional briefing and panel discussion on the North Atlantic right whale extinction crisis. Despite being a busy week in Congress, the room was packed with attendees interested in learning more about the status of the right whale and opportunities for Congress to support the recovery of the species. NRDC cosponsored the briefing and I had the pleasure of presenting on the panel, which was held in cooperation with Representatives Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Jared Huffman (D-CA). The panel provided a compelling overview of the severe threat posed by entanglement, ongoing and future actions aimed at reducing right whale deaths, and the international cooperation needed to secure the whale’s future. >click to read<20:51

3 Responses to You should read this. Right whale extinction crisis gains momentum on Capitol Hill

  1. Mitchell Fulcher says:

    If the NRDC and politicos are serious about protecting the right whales they really need to set aside some of the $millions earmarked for trap gear reduction and vessel strike studies and research the affect offshore wind has on whales in Europe. Might be shocked by the findings. With all the proposed wind farms off the east coast, rope entanglement and ships could be the least of the right whales or any sea mammals problems.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Though you are right Mitchell, don’t hold your breath expecting any of our empty suits in congress to heed your advice. Fishermen are the reason for everything that goes wrong. Next thing they’ll blame us for is the immigration crisis on our borders. Or how about the recent Boeing plane crashes. What a joke. Money talks and bullshit walks!

  2. Manuela F Barrett says:

    We are about to develop 908000 acres south of Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket …energy plants on leases procured by foreign companies …smack in the middle of year round aggregations of North Atlantic Right Whales ….
    …any one think this may be a problem ???

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