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Seized Dominican boats to be allocated to Dorian-impacted fishers

The boats that the government seized from Dominican poachers over the years are being allocated to fishermen from Abaco and Grand Bahama who have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Michael Pintard revealed. Pintard said the majority of the nearly three dozen apprehended vessels will be given to Bahamian fishers who lost their boats and livelihoods during the passage of the Category 5 storm more than two months ago. >click to read<  21:51

First Nations seal hunters meet with Chinese officials to establish fur market

Tom Sewid of the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation and Haida hereditary Chief Roy Jones Jr. were brought in by their business partner, Calvin Kania of Fur Canada, for “bilateral trade discussions” with Tong and Chinese trade commissioner Shanjun Yu late last month, according to Kania. Sewid and Jones’s new firm, Pacific Balance Marine Management Corp., is applying to Fisheries and Oceans Canada to set up a commercial seal hunt in B.C. as a way to reduce the impact of marine mammals on troubled salmon runs. >click to read<  20:09

Federal judge rules that repairs made to his boat by Nathan Carman contributed to sinking of vessel

A federal court judge Monday ruled that faulty repairs made by Nathan Carman likely caused his boat to sink, rejecting an $85,000 insurance claim. Carman’s mother disappeared after his boat sank off Long Island in September of 2016 while on a fishing trip. Carman was later rescued. The Chicken Pox sank while Nathan Carman was tuna fishing off Long Island with his mother, Linda Carman, on board. She is missing and presumed dead. Carman was rescued eight days later by a freighter off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard while floating in a raft >click to read< 16:28

Cod Crusader backing attempt to secure Brexit

One of the north-east duo who launched a campaign against savage fishing quota cuts 17 years ago this week has returned to the political battlefront to fight for Brexit. Carol Adams, formerly Carol MacDonald, said she was so fed up with the wrangling over the UK’s departure from the EU – and its much-despised Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) – that she was “coming out of retirement” despite recent ill-health. >click to read< 15:00

FFAW publicity stunt

The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) calls the FFAW-Unifor’s submission of a land bid this morning to protect crab grounds a publicity stunt to deflect attention from the final days of FISH-NL’s membership drive. “The FFAW submits a fake cheque to protect snow crab grounds during the last week of FISH-NL’s drive the same way the union gave away free cod on the St. John’s waterfront the very day in early August that our drive began,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. “Inshore harvesters aren’t stunned— the FFAW just treats them as if they are. >click to read< 13:51

Fisheries union presents giant novelty cheque for $1 billion to C-NLOPB>click to read<

Fisheries union presents giant novelty cheque for $1 billion to C-NLOPB

Days before a C-NLOPB call for bids closes, Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest fisheries union made what president Keith Sullivan called a “last-ditch effort” to stop the process.  Sullivan, who leads the Fish Food and Allied Workers, presented an oversized cheque for $1 billion Monday morning at the headquarters of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board, made out to the board.  >click to read< 13:38

FFAW publicity stunt – The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) calls the FFAW-Unifor’s submission of a land bid this morning to protect crab grounds a publicity stunt to deflect attention from the final days of FISH-NL’s membership drive. >click to read<

Alaskan red King Crab available in Eugene for first time in 20 years

Crab season is back and with a special guest. Alaskan red King crab is now available in Eugene after it hasn’t been in 20 years. It’s a new, rare delivery to the Fisherman’s Market, on 7th Ave. and Blair Blvd. that may become an annual routine.,,, His new shipment of nearly 20 crabs was recently caught by the Alaskan fisherman, Bill Prout, on his fishing vessel. Rogers says Prout hopped on a plane and flew the crabs to Eugene as checked baggage. >click to read<  12:25

The Giga and Terra Scam of Offshore Wind Energy

Can anti-fossil fuel policies based on climate crisis alarmism possibly get any more insane than this?,, Wind “farms”? Like some cute, rustic Old McDonald family farm? Are you kidding me? These would be massive offshore electricity factories, with thousands, even millions, of turbines and blades towering 500-700 feet above the waves. Only a certifiable lunatic, congenital liar, complete true believer, would-be global overseer or campaign-cash-hungry politician could possibly repeat this IEA hype – or call these wind energy factories renewable, sustainable or eco-friendly. >click to read< 09:25

It’s Peconic Bay scallop season on the North Fork

A calendar hanging in the northforker office has holidays marked in bold red letters. In November, there are three such days: Election Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. If we had any say on the contents of said calendar, a fourth holiday would be added on Monday, Nov. 4: Peconic Bay Scallops Day.  >click to read<  08:15

On This Day: November 4,1991, Gloucester Times first reported the Andrea Gail missing

The Coast Guard continued searching today for a fishing boat due back in Gloucester last Friday from a trip to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland, Canada. The 70-foot Andrea Gail was supposed to have returned to port by Saturday with its crew of six fishermen, according to Chief Petty Officer Alan Burd. Rest in Peace, Gentlemen, and you are not forgotten, >click to read, with additional links< 06:45