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Lobster fisherman says he was at the wheel during fatal boat collision

A lobster fisherman says he was at the wheel of his boat when it hit another vessel in a fatal collision in 2018. Clarence Barry White, 52, testified Tuesday before Justice Gregory Cann in P.E.I. Supreme Court in Charlottetown where he is on trial on two counts of criminal negligence causing death. Those charges relate to a collision on June 9, 2018 that killed Chris Melanson and Justin MacKay who were onboard the Joel ’98. White was captain of the Forever Chasin’ Tail and testified he didn’t give any warning before his boat hit the other vessel. >click to read< 21:40

New York Wind Power Plans Make No Sense, NY wants a green energy ‘superhighway.’ Hydro-Québec can help

New York needs big ideas if it’s to overcome its current state of decline,,, But Democrat candidate Eric Adams’ wind power proposal is not that plan, and it’s with great respect and an open invite to sit down with the candidate, and any candidate of any party, to explain why. Mr. Adams noted Rhode Island’s wind farm as an example of a state committed to the technology. Let’s explore. The promises were great. The wind farm promised to cut  electricity rates on Block Island by 40%. Rates have gone up, >click to  read<  New York state wants a green energy ‘superhighway.’ – Hydro-Québec says it can help New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo build a green energy “superhighway” from Canada to New York City. >click to read< 16:50

SPECIAL REPORT: Winds of change – Developers grease the skids to ingratiate themselves and minimize negative reception

Rural onshore windfarms have long been a subject of much debate, Windfarm developers have found that their financial contributions to local communities, like sports clubs, local organizations and projects, have helped to ingratiate themselves with the locals and minimize negative reception. HUH! Between these generous handouts and potential legal challenges, many developers of windfarms have found the projects an expensive business. But now the sector has spotted another option on the horizon – literally. Offshore wind farms. The biggest criticism of the offshore wind  energy sector in Ireland so far has come from fishing interests, Patrick Murphy of the Irish South & West Fish Producers Organisation told Southern Star recently that the commandeering of sites at sea by windfarm developers today is akin to the land grabs from the native Americans in the 19th century. >click to read< 12:59

US Marine Corp Vet, Commercial Fisherman, Paul Bettencourt, Dies at 80

Paul “The Baitman” Bettencourt, 80, of Pawtucket, passed away peacefully at home with family by his side on Saturday, April 10, 2021. He was the beloved husband of Barbara R. (Stuart) Bettencourt for forty-three years. Born in Providence, Paul was one of twenty-one children of the late John and Emelia (Pacheco) Bettencourt. He resided the majority of his adult life in Pawtucket. Paul was a United States Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam Era and went on to a lifelong career in the commercial fishing industry, where he gained the nickname and call sign, “The Baitman”. Paul was totally devoted to God, his family, and his community.  >click to read< 12:10

Expert says Captain not practicing ‘good seamanship’ in fatal boat collision, did not have a proper lookout

The boat that sank after a fatal collision in 2018 should have been visible to the captain of the vessel that hit it, an expert testified Monday. That testimony came during the trial for Clarence Barry White, who appeared before Justice Gregory Cann in P.E.I. Supreme Court in Charlottetown on two counts of criminal negligence causing death. Those charges stem from a collision on June 9, 2018 when the Forever Chasin’ Tail hit the Joel ’98 near Beach Point. Justin MacKay and Chris Melanson died after the collision. >click to read< 10:30

Podcast: Want to support San Diego’s shrinking local commercial fishing industry?

Tommy Gomes has done his fair share of time at sea as a fourth generation commercial fisherman. Now, at 60, he’s dedicating much of his time and energy to raising awareness about San Diego’s local fishing community and how to get and eat fresh-caught fish. We need to support our local fishermen. There are not many commercial fishermen left in California. Electronics have taken away our tradition, our heritage and our sea time. Artisanal fishing, small boat operation, family-owned and operated boats — those have been pushed out. We’re trying to hold on to the few that are remaining in California, Oregon and Washington because it’s important. And they bring in the best fish. They go out for shorter trips, they bring in the best fish. >click to listen, read< 09:56

Japanese fishermen angered by gov’t decision on Fukushima plant water release

The controversial move came at “the worst time” for fishermen who are stepping up preparations for the restart of full-fledged coastal fishing off Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, after years of small-scale, trial fishing complete with safety checks for radioactive materials to win back consumer trust, ended in March. “Why now? I’m strongly opposed to the release (of treated water),” said Yoshimi Terashima, a fisherman from the Fukushima town of Shinchi. “I want to go fishing every day like I used to,” said the 73-year-old, who can do so only twice a week at present. >click to read< 09:10

Bering Sea Fishermen likely had Coronavirus and went to the bar, locals have to quarantine

Unvaccinated people who visited Unalaska’s Norwegian Rat Saloon late Saturday are being asked to quarantine this week, after officials say they shared the space with fishermen who broke their company’s own quarantine plans,,, The Norwegian Rat is a popular spot for both fishermen and locals, with pool tables and shuffleboard, and it’s the closest bar to the docks used by many large fishing vessels. Saturday was margarita and taco night. >click to read< 07:50