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Cause of Action Institute: Supreme Court to Hear Fishermen’s Chevron Challenge

The justices will review Loper Bright v. Raimondo. The fishermen, represented by former Solicitor General Paul Clement and lawyers from Cause of Action Institute, petitioned the Court in November to overrule a funding scheme that would force them to hand over 20 percent of their pay to third-party at-sea monitors they must bring on their boats—a mandate that Congress never approved by statute. Amicus briefs in support of the fishermen’s case were filed by 38 organizations and individuals, including one signed by 18 state attorneys general. “The Supreme Court has an opportunity to correct one of the most consequential judicial errors in a generation. Video, lots of noteworthy links with lots of info. >click to read< 19:00

New Brunswick: Fire significantly damages lobster fishery on Grand Manan

Mayor Bonnie Morse said the Special K Fisheries caught fire early in the day on Monday, adding it appears everyone inside made it out of the fire OK. “Which is obviously the main thing,” she said. “This is a pretty significant fire so they have their hands full up there.” The island is isolated and cannot call on mutual aid to assist in fires or significant events. “We are on our own,” Morse said.  Morse said she hasn’t been able to get an update from the fire department yet, adding that crews will likely be there for several more hours. >click to read< 18:09

A Correction, and an Apology

Good afternoon. We posted a submitted article called Enough is Enough, regarding the crab fishery in 3ps. We were not aware that this person was not genuine. It appears it is a fake account, which is extremely disturbing. We have a bad habit. If a fisherman wants to submit material, we do our best to accommodate them. However, to get hosed doing it is unacceptable. To the fisherman that reached out to us, and bringing this to our attention, we apologize to you, and thank you. The post has been removed. Fisherynation.com 16:45

At-Sea-Monitoring: U.S. Supreme Court takes up fishermen’s fight over US conservation funding

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide whether the government can require commercial fishermen to help fund a program monitoring herring catches off New England’s coast in a case that could undercut the regulatory power of federal agencies. The justices took up an appeal by New Jersey-based fishing companies of a lower court’s ruling in favor of the U.S. government in a challenge to a conservation program overseen by the National Marine Fisheries Service.  The case is the latest bid asking the Supreme Court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, to rein in the authority of federal agencies. The companies are asking the Supreme Court to overturn its own decades-old precedent calling for judges to defer to federal agency interpretation of U.S. laws, a doctrine called “Chevron deference.” >click to read< 14:09

Wind-power auction at Morro Bay shows how money matters in climate projects

This head-scratching story is centered on Morro Bay. When offshore wind development became a public issue there nearly a decade ago, citizens expressed concerns about the impacts of turbines on birds, fisheries, or, even at a distance of 20 miles from land, the natural beauty of the coast. But in 2015, Castle Wind LLC — a joint venture between Washington state-based Trident Winds and the subsidiary of a Germany utility — started a dialogue with residents and stakeholders. Castle Wind, following local leaders’ advice, talked first with fishermen, whose struggles are well-known. After two-plus years of discussions, Castle Wind and two fishermen’s associations forged a novel mutual benefits agreement. >click to read< 10:34

Commercial fishing business/vessel owner Jewell Thomas “Tom” English III of Oak Island, Texas, has passed away

Jewell Thomas “Tom” English III, 75, of Oak Island, Texas, passed away peacefully, on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at his home, with his loving family by his side. He was born on May 12, 1947, in Oceanside, California, to the late Margaret Emily Powers and Jewell Thomas English, Jr. He enlisted in the United States Navy and proudly served his country during the Vietnam Era. Tom was the owner and operator of a commercial fishing business and the fishing vessel F/V M&M (“you know where it melts”) for many years. He also received his captain’s license as a tugboat driver and for pushing barges. >click to read< 09:47

A windy celebration: The 36th annual ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ and seafood festival

It was the 36th annual Blessing of the Fleet and Seafood festival in Mount Pleasant Sunday. The events bring nearly 10,000 seafood lovers together to enjoy local shrimp and fish. The Blessing of the Fleet is how the town of Mount Pleasant sends good wishes to local shrimpers. “What we’re here for is to ask God’s blessing on their shrimpers and families,” said Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie. “It’s hard work, they’re out there in bad weather and good weather and they bring us the best shrimp in America.” >click to read< 08:50

Video Update:1 injured after shrimp boat catches fire on way to ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ Sunday

A shrimp boat on the way to the annual “Blessing of the Fleet” festival Sunday ended up catching fire and leaving a sailor injured, according to Mount Pleasant Fire officials. Fire officials said the boater attempted to extinguish the fire before abandoning ship. He was the only person onboard at the time and was rescued from pluff mud nearby. He was transported to the Medical University of South Carolina for treatment of unknown injuries, fire officials said. >click to read< 07:43

Shrimp Boat Burns During ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ off SC Coast – Fire decimated a boat during a celebration to kick off shrimping season along the South Carolina coast, photos show. >click for video<