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‘The job’s f****d’ – Fishers slam local MP for comments

The North East Fishing Collective (NEFC), which represents fishers from Hartlepool to Whitby, was established to support fishers along that stretch of coast after unexplained mass deaths of shellfish in the area in several events from September 2021 onwards left them without catches. Hartlepool MP, Jill Mortimer, last week shared a photo of her in a meeting with Environment Minister Mark Spencer in Parliament where she described how “prawners have experienced a temporary but significant reduction in their catches due to prawns burrowing into sands.” “The prawns and catches returned,” she wrote, however the NEFC has disputed this in no uncertain terms. >click to read< 14:57

SEA-NL relaunches Pot to Plate; public encouraged to buy snow crab from inshore boats at the wharf

SEA-NL has relaunched its Pot to Plate program to connect inshore boats directly with the public interested in buying snow crab for personal consumption.  “Pot to Plate won’t take a dent out of this year’s 121 million/lb crab quota — that’s not what the program is about,” says Pam Patten, a Fortune-based inshore enterprise owner and President of SEA-NL.  “Pot to Plate will help build local markets around the province, reintroduce our people to buying seafood at the wharf, and put some cash in the pockets of the inshore fleet — particularly smaller boats,” Patten adds. SEA-NL announced Pot to Plate on April 4th, but the program was immediately delayed due to the snow crab tie-up, which ended on May 19th. >click to read< 11:57

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 44’11” X 20′ Novi Lobster Boat, John Deere 6068 Diesel

To review specifications, information, and 15 photos’, >click here<, To see all the boats in this series >click here< 11:00

Coast Guard promises aid to families of 5 Pinoys on capsized Chinese fishing vessel

The Philippine Coast Guard on Wednesday expressed condolences and promised assistance to the families left behind by Filipino sailors who died after a fishing vessel capsized in the Indian Ocean last week. There were 39 sailors aboard fishing vessel Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028—five Filipinos, 17 Chinese and 17 Indonesians. No one survived the incident, according to an initial probe done by China’s transport ministry. Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028 capsized at around 3 a.m., Manila time, in Australia’s search-and-rescue region, around 5,000 kilometers, or 2,700 nautical miles, west of Perth, on Tuesday last week.>click to read< 09:46

SNP must dump the Greens and ditch HPMAs

In England, marine conservationists have persuaded the Westminster Government to designate around 0.53% of coastal waters as HPMAs in a series of pilot projects. But in Scotland, the area is more than 20 times greater, threatening livelihoods and entire fishing communities. Kate Forbes, the former SNP contender for the job of First Minister, says that “if the proposals go ahead as planned, the rarest species in our coastal areas and islands will soon be people.” Scotland’s fishing communities are not alone in their opposition to new marine conservation measures. In Europe, fishers from many countries are staging a series of protests against European Commission proposals aimed at “protecting and restoring marine ecosystems for sustainable and resilient fisheries”. >click to read< 08:40

Feds play shell game with wind / whale impacts

NOAA is taking public comments on a massive proposal to harass large numbers of whales and other marine mammals by building a huge offshore wind complex. There is supposed to be an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed harassment, but it is not there with the proposal. We are told it is elsewhere but after searching we find that it simply does not exist. Like a shell game where the pea has been palmed, there is nothing to be found. First the bureaucratic background. The wind project is Dominion’s 2,600 MW offshore Virginia facility, which if built would be the world’s biggest. NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is proposing to issue a five year harassment authorization for the construction of this monster. >click to read< 07:36