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Fishing Vessel Crew rescued by Irish Coast Guard after Grounding on Inis Mór

Five crew members were rescued by the Irish Coast Guard after their fishing vessel ran aground on the northern side of Inis Mór, on the Aran Islands. The emergency call was received by the Valentia Coast Guard shortly before 5am this morning. The 21-metre fishing vessel had five crew members on board who initially abandoned the vessel into a life raft. Shannon-based Coast Guard Helicopter R115, Aran Islands RNLI lifeboat, and North Aran Coast Guard Unit were all immediately dispatched to the scene to assist with the rescue operation. more, >>click to read<< 18:57

Regional council says it won’t tighten fishing regulations in Bristol Bay red king crab savings area

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will not move forward with a request to close the Bristol Bay red king crab savings area to all commercial fishing. At its February meeting, the regulatory council looked at the effectiveness of closing the 4,000-square-nautical-mile section of the eastern Bering Sea to commercial trawl, pot and longline fishing, but decided not to tighten regulations in the area. The savings box was established in 1996 as a haven for the massive crab species. It is already permanently closed to bottom trawling, but it remains open to midwater, or pelagic trawlers, pot fishing and longlining. Non-pelagic, known as bottom trawling, is allowed in a small section within the savings area — known as the savings subarea — when crabbers are harvesting the species. The council also evaluated a pot gear closure of a large section in the eastern portion of Bristol Bay, known as Area 512, to address drops in the Bristol Bay red king crab stock. All trawling is already prohibited in that area. more, >>click to read<< 12:38

‘He refuses to retire’: 82-year-old Iain Boyd’s thriving Ullapool Smokehouse

In the early stages of the now 82-year-old’s career, he spent a great deal of time lobster fishing, scallop diving and mussel farming. It’s a passion that has never dwindled through the decades. Even when Iain went on to work in the oil business, he still “yearned to be involved” in the fishing trade, so much so that his downtime was spent smoking kippers, mackerel, haddock and salmon. “He spent many years perfecting a traditional artisan method [to smoking salmon] before starting up the smokehouse about 20 years ago,” says daughter Louise. The smokehouse in question is Ullapool Smokehouse which is, of course, based in the picturesque fishing village of Ullapool. More specifically, in Morefield Indstrial Estate. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 10:10

Competitive Maine elver fishing lottery offers most licenses since 2013

Sixteen people will gain entry in this year’s intense bid for one of the most lucrative fish stocks in the state, but the success rate is still very low. Kyle Dodge has been pining for an elver fishing license for 10 years. The young glass eels go for over $2,000 a pound these days; some Mainers make more than $200,000 a year drawing the tiny, transparent creatures from local waters. The window to apply closes Monday, and all Dodge can do is cross her fingers. But she’s hopeful that this upcoming season she might finally start setting her net. “I just want to put my feet in the river, know that I am able to fish – know that it’s mine to do,” she said. more, >>click to read<< 08:21

Suffolk teenager chooses career as a fisherman to keep town’s proud tradition alive

A teenage fisherman is hoping to inspire other youngsters to follow in his footsteps after launching his own £300,000 vessel into the North Sea. Alex Wightman, 18, from Lowestoft in Suffolk still believes there is a future in fishing despite government figures showing a decline in registered fishing boats in the UK. His boat, the 10 metre-long Emma Claire, named after his mother, is thought to be the first new vessel in the town’s inshore fleet for nearly 20 years. “Anybody my age, especially coming in to the fishing industry, would absolutely die to have a boat like this.” Alex hails from a fishing family, with his brother Max, 23, and dad Steve also fishing off the east coast. Video, photos, more, >>click to read<< 06:47