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Crews pull dead whale from Casco Bay

A dead whale which appeared to be wrapped in nets was pulled from Casco Bay on Thursday, officials say. Crews were attempting to load the whale onto a flatbed truck using a boat lift as of 3 p.m. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on social media Marine Mammals of Maine and the Maine Marine Patrol were notified of a 40-foot humpback whale in a net off the coast of Cape Elizabeth on Wednesday. NOAA said the whale is known as “Chunk” and was first seen in 2015, the same year she was found in a “severe entanglement. “Video, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 16:35

Sunrise Wind on the Horizon

At a May 29 open house addressing the new Sunrise Wind project, consisting of up to 84 turbines to be built 26.5 miles off the coast of Montauk, its corporate parents, Orsted and Eversource, projected the new wind farm will yield 924 megawatts of energy. enough potentially to power hundreds of thousands of houses. The company’s officials said they expect their construction and operations plan to be approved by the federal Department of the Interior by the end of the summer. The proposal is to connect the turbines to the mainland through Smith Point County Park, at the eastern end of Fire Island. From there the cable would run under the Great South Bay and up to the Long Island Power Authority station in Holbrook. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 11:49

Canadian Independent Redfish Harvesters Trash Minister’s Harvest Plan: Disconnect Has Never Been More Evident

Following the announcement of the Unit 1 Redfish Management Plan and a follow-up to the Redfish Advisory Committee on Wednesday, the 3Pn4R Advisory Committee convened on Thursday night to review the proceedings. The consensus was unanimous in support of a resolution from FFAW President Greg Pretty: “Shred the document and appoint a recovery team including industry experts to ensure we have a plan that can work.” Earlier this spring, the original announcement made by Minister Lebouthillier gave away nearly 60% of the Canadian redfish quota to the corporate fleet, despite the inshore, owner-operator fleet having taken the lead on science and sustainability measures in recent years. New measures announced this week further limit harvesters by implementing unreasonable seasons, depths, gear, observer coverage, and by-catch rules. The restrictions effectively limit owner-operator participation from the inshore fleet. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 10:11

Imported seafood is killing a MS Coast industry. Could truth in restaurant menus help? 

The last of the fishermen whose boats once dotted the Mississippi Coast’s warm waters are worried. Their customers are leaving. Their sales are down. “I don’t see a future,” said Bethany Fayard, a fourth-generation processor and distributor who is fighting to withstand the pressure and sell to customers, same as always. “The industry is on life support.” The problem, fishermen and processors say, is this: foreign imports have won. There is one thing, fishermen say, that might help them hold their own in the David and Goliath battle against importing giants like India and Indonesia: Mississippi’s government could force restaurants to tell customers the truth. more. Video, photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 08:49

Maines Lobster Lady Turns 104 Years Young!

Happy Birthday, rock on, Virginia! Most days it can be a struggle for all us to get up early in the morning and go through the grind of a work week, but imagine doing exactly what you love to do, well beyond the point you could have retired and just kicked back and enjoyed life? And imagine having done the same job since you were 8 years old. The ageless Virginia Oliver is known as Maine’s Lobster Woman. She just turned an astounding 104 years of age on June 6th, and shows no signs of slowing down, and has no plans to stop. And based on how much she enjoys her job, who could blame her? Videos, more,>>CLICK TO READ<< 07:14