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Vinnie Grimes Is Montauk’s Fishing Legend of the Year – 90-year-old started Blessing of the Fleet in 1955

In 1951 when Vincent Grimes witnessed a ceremonial blessing of various boats while serving in the Navy at Port Hueneme in Southern California, it made a lasting impression. “During the Korean War, I was stationed out there and I thought it was a very touching moment to see the boats blessed by members of the clergy,” said the 90-year-old Montauker, who is known as Vinnie. He stored that emotional memory for future use. “Given how well it was done, I thought it would be nice if we did something similar here in Montauk,” he said last week, and so, thanks to Mr. Grimes, the annual Montauk Blessing of the Fleet was born in 1955. >click to read< 16:49

Sixty-Something: Participating In This Year’s Montauk Blessing Of The Fleet

Every late spring, for the last sixty years, there has been a pure Montauk tradition called the Blessing of the Fleet. It is both a memorial for lost local fisherman and boaters and the celebration on a new fishing season and a blessing from the almighty that it be a safe one. There are five representatives from different religious sects who pray and bless the commercial and charter boat fleet of Montauk as they circle the boat with the clergymen in the harbor. It is quite an emotional and colorful ordeal. >click to read<15:43