Can you imagine they’re soft talking Whales and Wind Turbines? We don’t want to create the UNDERNET!


Hey! B.H.! This Wind Turbine Sh*t, they’re full of it!!!

They have no Data!  There’s an impact study in great need! Where the Hell is Lube job Jane? So they are like maybe the Whales won’t mind  a little inconvenience? Talk about vertical lines!

How about a Wall?!

A physical one, with a combination of Electrical Current and Audio…The New Undernet! Compare how well sound travels in Water to what it does in the Air… Imagine this? Huge Ass Tuning Forks! It could be deafening to the wrong ears. How about a Predator call? The old dying Rabbit…

If I were a lobsterman I’d be pissed. Real pissed! At least those guys are mobile, They can get the Hell out of the way..In fact, they’re already doing it. We’re just starting to get a handle on things out there. Let’s not turn it into an industrial dump!

Oh, by the way, who will benefit the most from this mess? This unpredictable, so called resource, that seems like junk yards in the making? Foreign firms, that’s who.  U.S. firms? No. Let’s Keep America Great! We can find a better way!

We don’t want to create the UNDERNET!

Mr President, don’t let them trash our oceans. GIVE A TWEET!

If you feel cozy about WIND TURBINES?? Remember if they build it what was here may not come back.

The Whales deserve better.



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  1. Rod Burns, B.Ed. CPHI Quadra Island, Canada says:

    15 years ago, Quadra Island, B.C., Canada was offered wind turbines as an economic generator. The turbines were to be located atop one of the best sport fishery catch zones. Protests enabled the denial of the permit. A very key point raised was that the Electric Magnetic field created by the electric current flow in the cable from the turbines would have created an Electronic Wall: felt by the migrating fish and whales. As such the total migration of the marine life would have been disrupted / destroyed!


    Did you know the European Wind Farms have not seen a significant Whale Migration??? What else aren’t they saying???
    Read: “Nature is not a Whore!!!”

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