Jerry Leeman: So, let’s plug in what we know.

So, let’s run a logical thought, based on what our governments assumption on fish stocks is, with what we know. NOAA says there is nothing wrong with the biomass of white hake, but they cannot find adolescent hake. Well ask any lobstermen along the shorelines, they are seeing abundance of juvenile hake and cod in their traps. Imagine Lobstermen and inshore fishermen across a vast area all saying the same thing?

NOAA says there’s nothing wrong with the biomass of haddock but same thing, they can’t find small fish.

Well, what do we know?!! Their fall assessment only towed 40 nautical miles of bottom in a 36,000 square mile area in the Gulf of Maine. That’s literally nothing of any amount of data as they claim it’s the best available science. Millions have been spent to do little to no real bottom research that shows us a whole lot of anything. Now they would like an 80% reduction in allowable catch of haddock in the Gulf of Maine. I know the research is flawed but let’s just run with their screwy assessments for a hot minute. We know there’s research saying water temperatures are rising which is changing migration of fish species. Ok so water warms up, fish move to cooler water temperatures.

Now there is research that’s already been conducted on haddock out of Europe saying the magnetic pulse from the power running through those offshore wind farm cables, have a 60% mortality rate on juvenile fish. That’s a fact, the research has been conducted.

So, let’s plug in what we know. They claim there’s no juvenile haddock to be found so now you want to run power cables along the bottom where these fish stocks migrate, killing off 60% of the biomass of juvenile haddock you felt you needed an 80% reduction on because you couldn’t find small fish. Makes no sense at all. So you will not allow these fish to be harvested because you can’t find small juvenile haddock, but you’ll place cables that will kill them off by 60%. So how does that fit in the rebuilding of the stock?

Ding Ding Ding! it doesn’t rebuild the stock. Water temperatures rising means the fish will migrate to cooler water but placing these cables won’t allow these fish to migrate they’ll just stay and die off through disrupting their built-in migration compass. So, 80% reduction in haddock because no juvenile fish but 60% mortality rate for power cables which will kill juvenile fish which is proven detrimental to the species. Where does this make any sense? Answer is it doesn’t. It’s manipulation to push an agenda.

They’re using their assessments with real research already proven on juvenile haddock shows a huge conflict of interest. This will disrupt migration and breeding grounds to our natural resource for sustainable food to our nation and its people. 90% of seafood in the United States comes from other nations, funny because we have strict fishing laws here and 2 oceans on either side of our country and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, but we ship 90% of our seafood from other unregulated and overfished countries, but not our own.

This manipulation has been taking place and the narratives being pushed onto our nation’s fishermen is a great injustice for all the care and stringent regulations placed upon our blue-collar working-class fishermen. Like I said if I agreed on their assessments which I don’t, by placing these cables would kill off our nations natural sustainable resource.

This cannot be allowed. I urge you to use your common sense in this matter and help against these false narratives being pushed by big money wind energy who’s corrupted our governments agencies and manipulated the narrative to push wind energy upon our seas, which will have real detrimental impacts for our nation and generations to come. Our own White House press conferences talk of food shortages, and they think destroying a natural sustainable food for big money wind energy is the way. You can’t eat electricity folks.

The economy along the New England seaboard is suffering from these false assessments and regulations being pushed from manipulated data and its corruption to the working-class men and women who harvest our ocean. How does one pay for wind energy when we have no income or jobs? How does one eat with no income or a food resource? Answer again is you don’t.

Whether you’re a fisherman or a land lover our ocean is under attack from money that does not know it’s true impact, other than to create more money for the shareholders. In the meantime, the people of this country will suffer its impacts from loss of food resources, and it will lose a heritage and a way of life for hundreds of thousands along the seaboards. It’s bad business all around.

I hope you pay close attention to this. This is not just the rambling of a fishermen trying to save his way of life, to hell with my job I say. They will kill the ocean and that’s not worth any job. Admirable as it sounds to stop the rising temperatures but detrimental to the people and the resources our people need and a way of life and its infastructure which provides jobs and community across all the sea boards. As always many blessings to you all. FISH ON MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS

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  1. Gary Hatch says:

    Jerry: The one thing that NMFS and the Council have overlooked in the last 40 odd years is that if we’re ever going to rebuild the fishery of the 50’s that in the spring of the year they spond in the coastal estuaries and the offspring grow up in the marshes and bays until their big enough to move out, Until the No-good Jackasses of the Enviromental groups And our government start protecting these areas we’ll never get our fisheries back to what we had!! Yes we are starting to see some response in the near shore nursery’s but they don’t want to look at that data as it will effect their Golf games and Country Clubs !!

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