Letter: Lingering questions over NOAA’s perpetrators – Marty Stillufsen , Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.

gdt iconI was on a first name basis with the late Times staff writer Richard Gaines, and I am writing to see if there are any answers to lingering questions surrounding issues he had covered within the fishing industry. Have Chuck Juliand (Northeast region attorney) and Dale Jones (head of NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement) been promoted, given any new raises, reassigned — or fired? Furthermore, was special investigative master Judge Swartwood paid with Asset Forfeiture Funds or the operating budget of the National Marine Fisheries Service? more@GDT 04:08

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  1. The question you have raised here has an extremely obvious answer especially since we have the Chicago political machine entrenched in the White House over the past five years. The odds of AG Holder moving forward with criminal prosecutions for the file shredding of official government documents, or at a minimum, putting those rogue actors within the OLE who conspired to cause grievous economic harm against fishermen in the northeast on the unemployment line, will not happen, The Zinser Report and the rest of the files from Lady Jane’s stay at NOAA, have been boxed, sealed up and filed far away, something akin to burying a time-capsule to be opened up and ogled over decades later. Calling out “Shredder” Jones and others who were involved in the malfeasance at NOAA/NMFS, will garner little if any interest with either congress or the American public at large especially when there are bigger “fish to fry” at the moment with Patrick Kennedy over at State on the failures/coverup with Benghazi or Lois “5th Amendment” Lerner at the IRS, or even Lisa “fake email account” Jackson at the EPA, have done during their time within these various federal government agencies. Fishermen from Gloucester, New Bedford, Montauk and along the docks off Channel Drive in New Jersey have to realize that other then a news story such as Greta did on Fox News, or Mark Levin who continues to mention the plight of commercial fishermen in New England, the rest of the media has not kept up the pressure on this administration to hold those who committed these egregious acts against fishermen over the past few years, accountable.. We must all realize that this is the dysfunctional and tragic way “things play out” with the current administration and that “lingering questions over NOAA’s perpetrators” will amount to a small back page and little read news story in local and regional publications. If fishermen want accountability with our federal government and the bureau-hacks that work in these agencies, organize and support political candidates who believe in personal liberty and less government intrusion into our lives. The same old – same old wheel and dealing in Washington, has allowed ENGO’s to not only influence, but to make devastating regulatory policies against the fishing industry such as we have seen with the Catch Shares fiasco in New England. If you want accountability and your questions answered, make a difference and start with the senate race in New Jersey this year and then the midterm election in 2014.


    Having made that clear. What’s new with this “Den of Thieves”?
    Does Dale have his Hand in BP’s Pocket?
    Has BP made Donations to Janie’s new “Learning Institute Lair”?
    How are the Creatures and People of the Gulf faring after the COREXIT Mist and source Stream?
    Lets break for another BP feel good Ad, gag!!!
    We can’t forget the Green Mafia has BP?

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