Lobster fisherman wary of Gulf of St. Lawrence oil drilling

As lobster season gets underway Tuesday in Cape Breton, a top local fisherman is warning that oil exploration and drilling in the Gulf of St. Lawrence could wreak havoc on local marine life. “It could ruin our industry,” said Jordan MacDougall, president of the Inverness South Fisherman’s Association. He warned that any oil spill would settle on the seabed — prime lobster habitat — and devastate their populations. “You wouldn’t be able to sell your product and it would probably give Canada a negative name for that product from other areas,” said MacDougall. His comments come just four months after regulators granted a one-year extension on an oil exploration licence for Corridor Resources Inc. at the Old Harry site off the western coast of Newfoundland, in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Read the story here 18:19

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