Cape Wastewater cleanup costs a problem

BUZZARDS BAY — The bottom line is often the line in the sand for taxpayers reluctant to pay for expensive projects to reduce the flow of nitrogen into Cape Cod’s bays and ponds. Really!! continued. But what about the affects of nitrogen and chemical solution pollution on the River Herring that are not thriving? It’s always “over fishing” but rarely habitat degradation. The wealthy that drive the Cape economy can certainly afford to address this nation wide issue in their seasonal play ground. How about suing them CLF?

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  1. - Moderator says:

    I watched a video last evening of Peter Shelley, a thriving lawyer at CLF talking about cod fish and a petition drive to keep closed areas shut off from fishing, even making bogus claims that are not backed with science but, emotional rhetoric.
    Then I read stuff like this.
    Turn some of that activism in the right direction, and keep it where it belongs, will ya?
    If ya wanna do something for the fish, this is the issue.
    It has everything to do with the health of the eco system.

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