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We’ve given you the N E Lawsuit Palooza Headlines, but these guy’s tie it into a nice tidy package. That’s why they get the Big bucks.

logoThere is no shortage of lawsuit’s in New England. If anything, there’s a glut! All have been in the planning stages, some telegraphed at NEFMC meetings. As always, the lawsuit professional CLF is ready to rip NMFS a new a- hole, because, as Dick Grachek explains to us at his column, it’s what they do!  Earthjustice threw down, along with Oceana Incorporated and I’m  betting someone else is gonna join the fray.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley also files a law suit against  NOAA to block new regulations that threaten the New England fishing industry.

The savingseafood.org guys have put together an excellent rundown of the timeframe and actions unleashing the furor of the reactionary lawyers of the ENGO non-profit opportunists to once again, ignore science and sue the agency that you pay for. For a bunch of clowns that keep talking about climate change, they seem to ignore it when it’s convenient, or doesn’t fit into the finish off the New England fisherman while John Bullard has them on the ropes, thanks to his boss Lois Schiffer, and the undisclosed law that John says he must abide by. Here’s the link to savingseafood.org and its comprehensive analysis.


HUH! So much for a good time! Smuggler’s sailboat packed with pot.

LOS ANGELES – A Coast Guard law enforcement team discovered approximately 80 bales of marijuana aboard a sailboat at around 1 a.m. on Balboa Island, Newport Beach, Calif., June 3, 2013. uscg logo


Wassup – Fishing boat seized by RCMP major crimes unit in case of missing boater

An RCMP major crimes unit seized a fishing boat in Petit de Grat on Sunday and questioned the crew in connection with a confrontation on the water early Saturday morning. Phillip Joseph Boudreau, 43, was the lone occupant of a small boat and is believed to have been confronted by a group of fishermen in a fishing boat just off the coast of Petit de Grat. As for suggestions from some local residents that the confrontation stemmed from an argument over lobsters or lobster traps, continued

Final action set for trawl fleet king salmon bycatch limit – The council meets June 5 to 11 in Juneau. Crab, cod decisions due

23523_354387901211_7651997_aAs fisheries managers throughout Alaska prepare for low king salmon returns, federal regulators are considering new limits on king bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s June agenda includes final action on a king salmon bycatch cap in the Gulf of Alaska non-pollock trawl fisheries, review of a plan to collect more information on Gulf trawl bycatch, and a discussion paper on bycatch management for the Gulf trawl fleet. continued

Fishermen, read this very carefully. Offshore wind is cutting edge – Hannah C. Wood is project coordinator of Cape Wind in Boston.

Cape Wind will help lead the development of a new sustainable industry for Cape Cod and the Islands. The commonwealth of Massachusetts has identified a site south of the Islands that could fit 10 projects the size of Cape Wind. Development of this site would lead to the creation of thousands of new jobs. (where do you fit in? YOU DON”T!) continued

Fish consumers – Share In Our Harvest – New Hampshire Community Seafood (NHCS) – become a member or consumer-stockholder!

Our Story We are your local New Hampshire fishermen.  We’ve been fishing the waters off your coast for the last 400 years.  We helped build the economy and our nation.  But over the past few years, drastic cuts in some groundfish q136803814824_218_213_17uotas, low prices for lobster and the continued high cost of fuel have threatened to end this proud tradition. Fishing boats from Seabrook, Hampton, Rye Harbor, and Portsmouth Harbor have decided to take their future into their own hands by organizing into a harvest cooperative. continued @ http://www.nhcommunityseafood.com/

APALACHICOLA, Fla: A Fight Over Water, and to Save a Way of Life

NYT – “This bay would be filled with boats,” said Mr. Shiver, 36, whose father and grandfather plunged nets, set traps and dipped tongs into the water along this stretch of the Florida Panhandle. “There used to be oysters everywhere in here, and now there is none.” In a budding ecological crisis, the oyster population has drastically declined in Apalachicola Bay, one of the country’s major estuaries and the cradle of Florida’s prized oyster industry. continued

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were busy busting poachers during the “For Future Generations,” operation

keysnews.com – State fishery managers have wrapped up a more than month-long mutton snapper spawn operation in which 52 vessels were inspected and 15 misdemeanor fishing violations and 12 routine boating citations were issued. continued

Fishermen’s petition: Pull all local NOAA funds

gdt iconMore than 150 members or allies of the fishing industry governed by the Northeast Regional Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have petitioned the Senate Appropriations Committee to stop all funding for the Gloucester headquarters and to reallocate “any salvaged” money for relief of the “disaster” that has befallen the industry as officially recognized more than eight months ago. continued