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Big Tuna News. Pew: Best Available Science? Credible Scientists in the Field label it an “irresponsible distortion”

Pew: The Best Available Science on Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna  Read it here

Four leading scientists with expertise in large pelagics call Pew Bluefin Tuna fact sheet an “irresponsible distortion” Read it here

Ten lawmakers urge NOAA negotiator to seek increase in U.S. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna quota within ICCAT scientific advice read it here

Rare orange lobster caught in Bay of Fundy

 A rare orange lobster was trapped in the Bay of Fundy on Friday and is now on display in Alma. [email protected]

Bluefin tuna and Pew, here we go again! – Nils E. Stolpe, FishNet USA/June 24, 2013

On August 13, 1997 Josh Reichert, then Director of the Pew Trusts Environment Program and now Executive Vice President of the Trusts, in an op-ed column in the Philadelphia Inquirer titled, Swordfish technique depletes the swordfish population wrote “the root problem is not only the ,,,,,,,,,,In what has become typical Pew style, Mr. Reichert’s article was just a small piece of a frightfully well-funded campaign to “save the swordfish” from the depredations of the U.S. pelagic longline  fleet. Involving scientists who had been willing riders on the Pew funding gravy train, enlisting restaurateurs into the campaign who hadn’t the foggiest idea what swordfishing or pelagic longlining was all about, and using the formidable Pew media machine,, continued here

UPDATED: Man shot, run over by boat in fishing dispute – Police statement describes chilling encounter on water with missing fisherman Phillip Boudreau

CBC_News_logo3 suspects in Cape Breton man’s slaying remain in custody – [email protected]

One of the suspects in the murder of Phillip Boudreau told police the victim was shot and then run down as he sat helpless in a stalled motor boat, CBC News has learned. Boudreau’s overturned boat was found at the mouth of Petit-de-Grat harbour early on the morning of June 1. The 43-year-old’s body has not been recovered. Three crewmen from the lobster boat Twin Maggies face second-degree murder charges in the case. The investigator’s file said one of those crewmen, 65-year-old James Joseph Landry, gave statements to RCMP investigators shortly after his arrest on June 8. [email protected]

Letter to the Editor: Plenty of fish in the sea? Not in Cape Cod’s seas, Fritz Lauenstein, Dennisport Ma. (if it were only this simple)

My grandmother recounted how she and Grandpa used to row down to Nauset Inlet below Fort Hill and catch market cod. As a kid I used to be able to catch them off the backside. In the ’80s I jigged cod in 80 feet by hand for a summer job. [email protected]

Canadians take International Dory Races

gdt iconGLOUCESTER In recent years the dory rowers from Gloucester have been exceptionally difficult to beat on their home turf when it comes to the International Dory Races, the annually competition that pits the best rowers from Gloucester against the best rowers from the Lunenburg Nova Scotia area. [email protected]

Should the government allow mass harvest of seaweed on the British Columbia coast?

Certainly there seems to be an overabundance of it on most beaches, where it often collects in long, thick mats known as wracks. A commercial seaweed harvest has been proposed for B.C. – a new “fishery” that would target an untapped resource potentially worth millions of dollars – but a study led by a group of retired fisheries scientists has raised concerns about its environmental impact. [email protected]

Research into Enhanced Crab Processing Supported by Provincial Government

A research project led by the Seafood Processors of Newfoundland and Labrador and supported by the Provincial Government will test new crab processing equipment that could benefit operators throughout the province. [email protected]+L