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Walmart threatens to stop selling Alaska salmon over that little ENGO sticker? US fisheries are sustainable. Good enough.

Wal-Mart Inc. spokesman Chris Schrader on Thursday … confirmed that Wal-Mart is buying Alaska salmon products only from salmon sectors with specialty MSC certificates, and not from all of the state’s salmon fisheries. [email protected]

Bill could open Bristol Bay along with many other areas in the U.S., to offshore drilling.

A bill making progress through the legislative ladder of the U.S. Congress is garnering some nervous attention in Alaska this month. House Bill 2231 could potentially open up the previously protected waters of Bristol Bay, along with many other areas in the U.S., to offshore drilling. The legislation is called the Offshore Energy and Jobs Act, and was approved by the House Natural Resources Committee earlier this month by a majority vote of 23 to 18. [email protected]

Ashley Blacow Pacific policy and communications manager for Oceana says Fishing nets killing California whales

The United States decided a long time ago to stop commercial whaling; and today people flock to our coast to see whales migrating in our waters. What they may not realize is that these same whales are still caught and killed in fishing nets. Despite important national laws like the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) and Endangered Species Act which prevent the direct commercial slaughter of whales today, our government allows commercial fishermen with drift gillnets to “incidentally” catch, maim, and kill not only whales, but dolphins, seals, and sea lions off the California coast. [email protected]

Adak’s halibut arrives fresh in Boston faster than anywhere else in the state of Alaska

Adak’s halibut arrives fresh in Boston faster than anywhere else in the state of Alaska, according to a small boat fisherman who said it to the East Coast within five days. “Nobody else in the state of Alaska can touch that,” said fisherman Steve Stark. Even with the big Icicle plant’s surprise closure in April, commercial fishing continues on a smaller scale in Adak, according to Stark, captain of the 50-foot fishing boat Sellah which was in Unalaska early this week for supplies and
repairs and halibut fishing in a different quota area. [email protected]

Federal rule could upend states’ shark fin bans.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Several members of Congress representing coastal states are voicing concern about a proposed federal regulation that could pre-empt state bans on buying or selling shark fins. Democratic Rep. Jared Huffman of California is being joined by representatives of New York, Florida and Guam in seeking changes to a proposal they say would take away a state tool to protect shark populations.  [email protected]

Sad news from Alaska – Sitka Ammonia Leak Victim, Charles “Chuck” Baker, Was Longtime Fisherman

Charles “Chuck” Baker with grandson Steven

A man injured during an ammonia leak aboard a fishing vessel in Sitka has died. Charles “Chuck” Baker, of Auburn, Wash., was aboard the Eigil B. The tender vessel was tied up at Sitka Sound Seafoods at the time of the incident, around 11:15 a.m. Monday. Baker was 82 years old when he died on Tuesday. He was a 60-year veteran of the fishing industry in Alaska, and co-owned the Eigil B with his son, Mike. Reona Baker is his wife. “We met in 1957 on a blind date,” she said Thursday. And for as long as Reona Baker had known her husband, he was around the sea. [email protected]

Sturgell Fisheries – Company to pay $18,800 in fines, fees for oil spill after the company’s crabbing vessel, F/V Genesis A, ran aground

OLYMPIA — The Washington Department of Ecology is fining Sturgell Fisheries $11,500 for spilling nearly 675 gallons of oil into state marine waters on Jan. 25 after the company’s crabbing vessel, Genesis A, ran aground on the Long Beach Peninsula near Leadbetter Point at the entrance to Willapa Bay. [email protected]

Video: Coast Guard rescues 4 fishermen, dog from F/V Ocean Viking southwest of Kodiak, Alaska

uscg logoA Coast Guard Mh-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Kodiak rescues four  fishermen and a dog from a life raft 190 miles southwest of Kodiak, Alaska, June  26, 2013. The crew of the 76-foot fishing vessel Ocean Viking, homeported in  Shoreline, Wash., abandoned ship when their vessel began taking on water and  they could not keep up with it. U.S. Coast Guard video by Air Station Kodiak.  Available in high definition. watch video here   photos here

Editorial: Fishery aid package should be among top Markey priorities

gdt iconTo some, the special election victory by Congressman Ed Markey Tuesday leaves Gloucester and Massachusetts fishermen without a definitive voice in the U.S. Senate. Just 3 1/2 years removed from the passing of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy — a truly passionate voice for the state’s and the nation’s fishermen — Elizabeth Warren’s victory over forceful fisheries advocate Scott Brown, and now Markey’s triumph and filling of the seat held by new Secretary of State John Kerry have created a Senate delegation in which fisheries may not have the priority they have had in the past. And these changes are coming at a time when fishermen and fishing communities need that type of advocacy the most. [email protected]

Letter: Pew’s ‘overfishing’ mantra doesn’t make it true. Why does he do that? – Carmine Gorga, Gloucester, Ma

Dr. John Crawford (Letters, the Times, Friday, June 20) seems to have a short memory; and he is banking on other people having an equally short memory as well. [email protected]gdt icon

Fish and Future, by  Carmine Gorga  Read it here

A three-member independent panel tasked with looking at factors affecting lobster prices will begin meetings in July.

Panel members John Hanlon, Gilles Theriault and Lewie Creed will meet with organizations representing fishermen, brokers, buyers and shippers, and processors in Prince Edward Island on July 8, Nova Scotia on July 15, and in New Brunsw863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2ick at the end of the month. [email protected]

U.S. Department of Commerce : EDA Investments: Supporting Entrepreneurship and Job Creation (well alrighty then! LMAO!)

• In Alaska, the Bristol Bay Jobs Accelerator Project, representing a consortium of 31 Alaskan tribes, is, with EDA help, working to increase the capacity of the region’s commercial fishing and seafood processor industry cluster by providing technical assistance to local businesses and developing a regional fisheries business cooperative. President Obama noted that “because the new businesses created by entrepreneurs are responsible for most of the new jobs in our country, helping them succeed is essential to helping our economy grow.” [email protected]

3 Texas men cited for red snapper violations

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP)     Three Texas men face federal reef fish violations for allegedly harvesting red snapper without a permit and exceeding bag limits. The state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said Thursday that it cited the men 49-year-old Oscar Naranjo, of Galveston, Texas; 51-year-old Eustacio Rangel, of Port Isabelle, Texas; and 47-year-old Vincent Longoria, of Palacios, Texas for being illegally in possession of 42 red snapper.

Agents patrolling 50 miles south of Grand Isle in the Gulf of Mexico boarded an 80-foot shrimp trawling vessel and found the fish inside an insulated holding box. The men did not possess a commercial permit needed to harvest and sell reef fish. Shrimp trawl vessels may not exceed recreational reef fish bag limits, which are two per person for red snapper.

Fishing is the most dangerous job

A short article about the commercial fishing occupation.manatthewheel

[email protected] vindicator

New Minimim Sizes for New Hampshire Commercial Groundfish, Recreational Haddock

yThe NH Fish and Game Department will be implementing interim rules on July 1 to change the minimum size limits of some groundfish species and implement a minimum size limit for witch flounder for commercial harvesters. [email protected]

The promotion of Maine lobster got a $2 million-a-year boost from a law establishing a new marketing effort for the fishery.

Is he from Maine or Nova Scotia? They all taste the same!

Gov. Paul LePage has signed off on L.D. 486, a long-debated legislative proposal creating the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative to replace the Lobster Promotion Council. [email protected]

Shark fin proposal divides federal and state government in Hawaii (believe it or not, I’m on NOAA’s side this time)

The Federal Shark Conservation Act would ban shark finning, where the fisherman cuts off the sharks fin at sea and throws the animal back in the water to die a slow death. However the federal law would allow fisherman to bring the whole shark to Hawaii, cut the fin off on land and then ship the fin out. The state doesn’t want to allow that and there lies the dispute. [email protected]

House Natural Resources Committee examines red snapper fishery

WASHINGTON — A House committee on Thursday tackled the difficult challenge of balancing commercial and recreational demands on the Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishery. Republican Rep. Steve Southerland of Florida criticized the way NOAA officials have managed red snapper, especially their proposed Days-at-Sea Program for Charter-for-Hire.Southerland raised a hypothetical scenario in which 20 charter boats are granted permits while 60 are not.  [email protected]

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries: Greater amberjack commercial season to close

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — State wildlife and fisheries officials say the 2013 commercial fishing season for greater amberjack will close on Monday at 12:01 a.m. [email protected]

Commercial fishing on the Great Lakes – Commercial Fishing: The Way it Used to Be

Trygvie Jensen, who grew up on Washington Island and was always fascinated with the stories he heard while hanging around the old-timers’ fish sheds, provided the program for the June 6 meeting of the Baileys Harbor Historical Society. Both his great-grandfathers, Oliver Bjarnarson and Harry Hagen, were commercial fishermen. [email protected]