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Pacific Seafood CEO: ‘We’re going to make sure we keep this team together’ – “We now have all of our fishermen rescheduled. We have them all moving and they’re all fishing.”

22500219_BG2WARRENTON, Ore. — Workers at the Warrenton seafood plant that burned down this week will be back on the job by June 15. NNCN.com  With a 48-hour goal, it only took 26 hours after the fire was under control for the Warrenton facility to re-establish its office, ice facility, and fuel dock to accommodate the vessels that will still be delivering in Warrenton. “We don’t want to go anywhere, we don’t plan on going anywhere. We’ve got a solid work force, a great community that really supports us, and now we’ve got to say, ‘Ok, what’s the next triage point,” Dulcich said. The next point to tackle, he added, is ensuring the fishermen continue to work and can continue to deliver. The Daily Astorian


National Marine Fisheries Service proposed five species of sawfish for endangered listing status under the Endangered Species Act

WASHINGTON (CN) – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service has proposed five species of sawfish for endangered listing status under the Endangered Species Act, according to a new regulation. The action is in response to a 2010 petition from WildEarth Guardians (WEG), the environmental group’s press release stated. continued @ courthouse news

United Fishermen of Alaska At-Large board member Kevin Adams elected as Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Chair

The United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA), the largest statewide commercial fishing industry trade association representing 36 member organizations, is pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Kevin Adams as Chairman of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) Board of Directors. This is the first time a commercial fisherman has held this position in over a decade. continued @ ADN.com

Two Hialeah men arrested on charges of poaching 468 lobsters

Two Hialeah men have been popped on charges of poaching 468 Florida spiny lobsters out of season, more than half of them undersized. continued @ MiamiHerald.com

Oceana, with its partner Ulwandle Fishing, is to buy Foodcorp’s fishing division for R445m.

Oceana, with its partner Ulwandle Fishing, is to buy Foodcorp’s fishing division for R445m. The transaction is in line with Oceana’s strategy to gain additional fishing rights and pursue growth in its existing businesses. Oceana will hold a 75% share in the venture and Ulwandle will hold the balance. continued @ Bizcommunity.com

Murder charge in Petit-de-Grat fisherman’s death

CBC_News_logoRCMP have charged a 40-year-old man with second-degree murder in connection to the death of a fisherman from Petit-de-Grat, a small fishing village in Cape Breton. Craig Landry was arrested on Thursday and charged with murder in the death of Phillip Boudreau. Both men are from Petit-de-Grat, in the southeastern corner of Cape Breton Island. continued @ cbcnews

Keepin’ that imported shrimp real cheap! Underage Workers in Thailand: Walmart Fails to Act, Says Report

The brief, entitled ‘The Walmart Effect: Child and Worker Rights Violations at Narong Seafood,’ documents a number of serious violations of Thai law and international human rights standards at Narong Seafood, a model shrimp processing company and longtime supplier to Walmart. continued @ Phuket Wan

Alaska’s white hat turns a little grey – Editorial comment, by John Sackton, publisher of Seafoodnews.com

 Ouch. The allegations that American Seafoods used flow scales that understated the weight of its pollock catch on multiple vessels in 2011 is a black-eye for the Alaska pollock fishery. It is unfortunate that it comes at the same time the American industry is raising questions about the capability of the Russian pollock fleet to monitor and control catches. Some European buyers have flown into a panic, with one saying to ,,,continued @ Undercurrent News:

Prosecutor drops United Fishermen of Alaska complaint without investigation

23523_354387901211_7651997_aJUNEAU — After shutting down an Alaska State Troopers investigation that had barely begun, chief state prosecutor Richard Svobodny decided no criminal charges will be filed in response to a complaint from the United Fishermen of Alaska that someone at the offices of the Kenai River Sportfishing Association eavesdropped on its January board teleconference meeting. continued @ Alasksa Journal

Dory Racing Season Begins This Saturday!

Elimination races to qualify to represent the US against Canada in the International Dory Races will take place this Saturday June 8th, 9:00 AM at Niles Beach  in East Gloucester. continued at goodmorninggloucester

Lost seafarers honoured – The Water Street memorial will be dedicated on Sunday in Yarmouth NS

YARMOUTH — More than 2,500 names etched in seven black granite tablets remember Yarmouth County’s men, women and children lost to the sea. The earliest inscribed dates come from the late 1750s, several years prior to the founding of Yarmouth Township in 1761. The memorial is for seafarers and those who have lost their lives to the sea, said Deputy Mayor Jim MacLeod, also chairman of the Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corp. continued at the Chronical Herald

Record-Breaking Mako Shark Tips Off Conservation Debate

On  Monday, a group of anglers from Texas, Colorado, and California hooked a  colossal fish off Southern California. After a long struggle, they  reeled in a shortfin mako shark that they say tipped the scale at 1,323.5 pounds (600 kilograms).

A sampling of the comment section: It’s not just depressing, it’s revolting. How proud these people must be to have tortured to death and butchered one of God’s most amazing and beautiful creatures, then stuffed its brutalized body into a garbage dumpster…This is simply disgraceful. Rationalize and justify it all you want, Knowlton, but what you did was an act of horrible violence and desecration. You have destroyed something irreplaceable. You and your gang of marauding thugs (and no surprise you are from Texas) make me sick.  Read the article and comments

Alaska Editorial: Fishery research a crucial investment

Gov. Sean Parnell visited the Kenai Peninsula this past week, and, as is almost inevitable in this neck of the woods, the discussion turned toward salmon fishery management. Right now, everyone’s got a theory about what’s happening to the chinook salmon — and theories encompass everything from excessive trawler by-catch to in-river overexploitation to Pacific Decadal Oscillation. continued at Juneau Empire

Sad news from San Diego – Cathy Driscoll, owner of popular commercial fishing wharf, dies in reported suicide

San Diego’s commercial fishing industry took a major hit today upon learning of the death of Cathy Driscoll, owner of Driscoll’s Wharf Marina at America Cup’s Harbor. According to a source, Driscoll died after allegedly committing suicide in the early hours of June 6. No other details were provided. continued at San Diego Reader

Letter to the Editor: The people at NOAA have jobs, and their jobs are to get rid of ours – Captain/ Owner Paul J. Halloran Gloucester Ma.

NOAA puts out a 400 word-message which it proclaims marks significant progress “to end overfishing and rebuild fish stocks.” How dare they think we are all that stupid! In the last five years, NOAA’s goal has been to end fishing as we have gdt iconknown it for free American people. continued at gloucestertimes.com