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Coast Guard medevacs man near Nantucket, Mass.from F/V Mekong

BOSTON — Coast Guard rescue crews medically evacuated a 39-year-old male from the fishing vessel Mekong approximately 10 nautical miles east of Nantucket, Mass., at approximately 3 a.m. today. [email protected]uscg logo

Uncertainty about gillnets on Columbia hurts the bottom line for repair, equipment businesses

ASTORIA, Oregon — Uncertainty over the future of the gillnet fishery on the Columbia River has begun to hurt the businesses that supply the trade. “We’ve had the slowest year so far that we’ve ever had,” said Bob Zakrzewski, a co-owner an Astoria business that repairs boats and motors for gillnet fishermen and that is up for sale. “They’re not sure what to do at this point,” said Steve Fick, owner of Fishhawk Fisheries. “They’re surprised and frustrated.” [email protected] republic

Slavery at sea has Thailand teetering toward US sanctions

For years, US officials have urged Thailand, one of America’s closest Asian allies, to rid its $7.3 billion fisheries export industry of these abuses. Though carried out on lawless seas, these crimes risk entangling supermarkets in America, where one in six pounds of seafood is imported from Thailand. [email protected]

Miraculously, a sign from the Lord – A fishing boat arrives during the Menemsha Blessing of the Fleet!

Reverend Arlene Bodge of Chilmark Community Church opened the start of the summer boating season with the annual blessing of the fleet ceremony on the Menemsha waterfront. During the service the fishing boat Unicorn, wtj_greg_mayhew_menemsha_apr222013_1a_02ith Captain Gregory Mayhew and his crew, arrived after a morning of fishing for fluke off Gay Head. The time of their arrival into the harbor seemed a blessing. [email protected] Miraculously


Icelandic Fin Whale Hunt Resumes, Stirs Debate

Vikingsson estimates the central North Atlantic population could be as high as 25,000 individuals, based on a survey conducted in 2007. Given this population size, Vikingsson does not believe this summer’s quota of up to 184 individuals will threaten the North Atlantic stock. “We have firm grounds to believe that there is an abundance, even using a precautionary approach,” Vikingsson said.”We urge Iceland to honor the ban on commercial whaling and the international trade of whale meat,”National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [email protected]

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance Weekly Update June 23, 2013

“The Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.” Read the Updaterifa

For Alaska’s prized king salmon, the good-old days morph into not-so-hot present

CHITINA — A cheer went up along the Copper River Monday as a dipnetter struggling in the churning, brown waist-deep water finally dragged ashore what is becoming an increasingly precious catch — a blush-colored king salmon of more than 30 pounds. It was one of two kings seen caught by a couple dozen fishermen hard at work, swinging or drifting long-handled nets in the murky glacial water on a dusty day beneath a 90-degree sun. It would also be among the last kings landed in the fishery this year. [email protected]

Concern over Greenland fishery plans

Greenland’s recent announcement that it will open a commercial fishery has triggered concerns in North American countries where salmon populations are declining. Every winter, salmon in the north Atlantic migrate to the territory to feed in its waters. Over the past 10 years, Greenland has stuck to an agreement not to partake in commercial fishing of the salmon in order to conserve them. [email protected]

APU octopuses help professor and students get their arms around species

Hollenbeck said he worked with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Prince William Sound fishermen to collect live octopus specimens which were then turned over for genetic testing, which backed up the idea that something was different about the octopuses in the “divergent” lineage. [email protected]

Marin Voice: Science is on the side of open and transparent Inquiry

WHY WOULD Dominique Richard (Marin Voice, May 18) or anyone, oppose an open, bipartisan review of the science surrounding the Drakes Bay oyster farm? [email protected]