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Gillnet Restrictions on the Columbia River Bite Into Economy

We can’t survive if we don’t have the gillnetters,” said Bob Zakrzewski, co-owner of Columbia Pacific Marine Works in Astoria, which does boat and motor repairs for gillnet fishermen.

[email protected] Astorian

Highway 103 honours lost fishermen – Highway 103 runs from Halifax to Yarmouth

Highway 103 has been renamed Fishermen’s Memorial Highway in honour of the men who go to the sea in boats, some of whom do not return. [email protected] Vanguard

Rare half-blue lobster found in St. George’s Bay

Peter Marche of Felix Cove made an unusual discovery on Monday. This fish harvester caught a two-tone lobster while hauling his traps in St. George’s Bay waters. The strange-looking animal has two genders – female organs on the blue side and male on the traditional-coloured  side.      [email protected]

Prey, Predator Doesn’t Equal Cause, Effect

On the surface it seems like a simple and straightforward equation: more seals equals more great white sharks. The connection, however, is likely far more complicated. [email protected]

The Coastal Fishing Industry Grant Program – After Hurricane Sandy, fishing businesses get more help

The Coastal Fishing Industry Grant Program, announced May 20 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, was created with $20 million in federal funding. According to the governor’s office, small businesses can apply for grants of up to $50,000, [email protected]

Is there an alternative to IFQ’s, catch shares, and privatized fishing? Alaska Fish Radio

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Is there an alternative to IFQ’s, catch shares, and privatized fishing? More after this … [email protected]

Wally Gray Sr. makes an emotional appeal at the 6/20/2013 NEFMC meeting

Listening to the webinar of the NEFMC meeting today during the VMS report, Wally Gray Sr. was invited to make a public comment at the end of the presentation.

He lost his son, Captain Wally Gray Jr, F/V Foxy Lady II and deck hand Wayne Young. The vessel was last pinged on 12/15/2012 about 15 miles north of Provincetown Saturday evening, when its vessel monitoring system (VMS) transmitter automatically sent out the boat’s location. The vessel was reported missing 12/17/2012.

What he said made a lot of sense, and it is something that can be implemented right now. Use the VMS as a tool for safety.

He pointed out that VMS is used for enforcement issues in real-time with penalty’s, and the VMS could have given S and R and at sea fishermen a chance to find these guys at the time.

There is no reason that this VMS should not be used today as a tool to save time in the life and death struggle of fishermen in trouble. Fisherynation.com

Changing Sea Surface Temperatures and Water Circulation Patterns Affecting Food Supply for Young Atlantic Cod

NOAA researcher Kevin Friedland and colleagues looked at the distribution and abundance of important zooplankton species, sea surface water temperatures, and cod abundance. [email protected]   13:11

A Report from The Gulf of Maine Research Institute “The Future of Cod in the Gulf of Maine”

“The Future of Cod in the Gulf of Maine” explores the range  of biological, climatological, economic and fishery management factors that affect this species. the report

(a footnote, nothing is mentioned about predator prey relationships regarding cod)

MCILVEEN: EI changes unconscionable, undemocratic

If you wanted a good example of somebody who’s been targeted by an unfeeling government, you couldn’t do better than Crystal MacKinnon of Bay St. Lawrence. The young widow and mother of two children, a girl, 8, and a boy, 9, works during the season from three to six months a year on her uncle’s fishing boat, up to 12 hours a day, and collects EI and mends gear in the winter. Some days, she’s up well before 3:30 a.m. so the boat can reach distant crabbing grounds. [email protected]

To the Editor: Gomez will fight for fishermen – Joseph M. Orlando, Esq. Gloucester

gdt iconIt is ironic that as Gloucester prepares to celebrate St. Peter’s Fiesta, a four-day celebration of the patron saint of fishermen, we face an election that has a direct bearing on whether Gloucester will continue to have a fishing fleet at all. [email protected]

Letter: The science of sound fishing, according to Pew – Dr. John Crawford, Officer, U.S. Oceans, Northeast, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Boston

Mmy my my! Such a fancy title, Doctor! I’m thoroughly impressed!) The Gloucester Daily Times’ June 13 editorial, “State budget steps are vital toward credible fish science,” implied that I have had preferential input into the assessments of fish stocks health conducted by scientists. [email protected] gloucesterdailytimesgdt icon

Think about opening areas to scallopers, reps say

sct logoNEW BEDFORD — Eight congressmen led by Rep. William Keating have written to fisheries managers asking for a close look at the effects of reopening some areas closed to scallopers for 209 years. (Wow! That’s a long time! Almost as long as Markey has been in office)) [email protected]

Off-the-boat sales strong: Salmon fishermen drawing seafood lovers to Half Moon Bay

Three-and-a-half weeks ago, Jim Anderson, commercial salmon and crab fisherman and captain of the Allaine, said the fish hadn’t bitten that good since 2005. Between 200,000 to 300,000 pounds of fish were caught that week from the Farallon Islands in San Francisco down to Pigeon Point south of Pescadero, Anderson said. [email protected]