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Oregon: Delayed Commercial Dungeness crab season

Pre-season testing shows Dungeness crabs are too low in meat yield in some ocean areas, delaying Oregon’s commercial season until at least Dec. 16, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). Targeted to open Dec. 1, Oregon’s ocean commercial Dungeness crab season can be delayed so consumers get a high-quality product and crabs are not wasted. The commercial bay crab fishery (currently open) closes at 12:01 a.m. Dec. 1 in conjunction with the delayed ocean commercial season. It will reopen when the ocean commercial season does so. The next round of crab meat yield and biotoxin testing will occur in the coming weeks. Results help determine if the season opens Dec. 16 or is further delayed or split into areas with different opening dates. >>click to read<< 21:38

Lobsterman Jumps Off Boat to Rescue Driver from Submerged Car

A lobsterman saved a person who was in a sinking vehicle in the ocean off East End beach in Portland, Maine, according to the Portland Police Department. As the orange Ford Mustang, which police said had been reported stolen in South Portland earlier Thursday, began to sink, fire and police department crews approached the car, according to the Portland Police press release. While the crews were able to break into the car while it was underwater, they could not get the 33-year-old out of the vehicle immediately. That’s when the lobsterman, Manny Kourinos, put on his diving gear and jumped into the water to help the vehicle’s occupant. “I went down and grabbed the guy and pulled him through the water,” >>click to read<< 14:37

EDITORIAL: Safety plans for fishing vessels crucial to prevent further deaths in dangerous industry

There have been many tragedies on the water in recent years. During last year’s lobster fishery, Christian Atwood, 27, died when he was lost overboard on Boxing Day from the fishing vessel MV Little Weasel II near Cape Sable Island, N.S. The previous March, Jeremy Hart, 35, died after falling into the water as members of his crew were being transferred from a life raft they had launched from their sinking vessel, Mucktown Girl, off of Canso. But it was the sinking of the scallop vessel Chief William Saulis in December 2020, and the deaths of all six crew aboard, that prompted the changes to the 2023-24 season. Capt. Charles Roberts, Aaron Cogswell, Daniel Forbes, Michael Drake, Geno Francis and Leonard Gabriel were all tragically lost in that event. >>click to read<< 12:29

A ferry repair ‘nightmare’ for island fisheries as lobster season begins

 The Grand Manan Adventure was set for a scheduled six-week refit and was supposed to be back in service this past weekend, Morse said. With lobster season kicking off Monday, that’s meant the smaller Grand Manan V has been on the hook to carry the catch, as well as islanders, back to the mainland. “There was a lot of work that they had to do, so we knew it was going to be a longer-term thing than what was normal,” she said. “For Grand Manan, the lobster fishery is the backbone of our economy and it’s vitally important that we have the ferry capacity to be able to ship lobster, because it’s a live product. It needs to get off the island quickly and in a timely fashion.” >>click to read<< 10:24

Commercial Dungeness crab season delayed by California Fish and Wildlife

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife on Friday delayed the opening of the commercial Dungeness crab season, citing the need to protect humpback whales and other ocean life from entanglement. The delay — which will remain in effect until further notice — affects the taking and possession of commercially-caught Dungeness crab for 200 nautical miles extending from the California coastline. Additionally, a fleet advisory is in effect for recreational Dungeness crab, reminding fisheries to maintain best practices. The next risk assessment is scheduled for around Dec. 7. Friday’s decision falls on the heels of a late October call by the department to restrict recreational and commercial crab fishing in the state. >>click to read<< 09:01

Lifelong Commercial Fisherman Carlton Maxwell Muse, Sr. of Pamlico, North Carolina has passed away

Carlton Maxwell Muse Sr. passed peacefully at 92 years old in his home on Sunday, November 12, 2023, while watching the sunrise over Broad Creek. According to his birth certificate, Carlton was debatably born on July 31, 1931, but his mother told him otherwise. Carlton “Mack,” or “Son” as he was referred to by his parents, was as salty as they come. He was a proud U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, serving in both active duty and USCG reserves. He was also a lifelong commercial fisherman, who was once air lifted off the F/V Miss Pamlico when she hit the bottom in Oregon Inlet. Year after year he would trawl the waters from the Mid- Atlantic all the way to Key West, Fla. He loved fishing so much that he would move his family to the Keys once a year, just for shrimp season. Carlton and his family would always find their way back home, to Little Pamlico. When he finally grew tired of the wind in his face, the salt in his hair, and missing Shirley May way too often, he opened C.M. Muse Seafood.   >>click to read<< 07:40