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Harbour Grace shipyard owners try to assure creditors, customers as workers brace for the worst

The owners of a busy shipyard in Harbour Grace are trying to assure creditors as they scramble to save a big employer in Conception Bay North. Meanwhile, dozens of workers are bracing as their jobs hang in the balance. I got a mortgage. I got vehicle payments. I got two small children at home. A wife. There’s a lot at stake,” electrician’s helper Jake St. George said this week during his lunch break at Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises. The shipyard has fallen on hard financial times, and a list of creditors owed nearly $16 million have been demanding their money. So in a bid to salvage the business and restructure the operation in order to avoid bankruptcy, the company was granted temporary protection from its creditors last week by the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador. >>click to read<< 16:42

Mr Fisher: Taking viewers on a real time ride on a fishing vessel

Md Jahidur Rahman, a fishing boat skipper, has been sharing videos of fishing operations in the Bay of Bengal for some time now, and one can watch the everyday life of our sea-going fishers aboard the trawlers, as well as many other tiny details of thsharing videose business. While wooden fishing boats are common along the coastline of the country, industrial fishing vessels fitted with modern equipment are only seen in the Chattogram area. As a result, the videos of the boats operating in the sea have drawn the attention of viewers. Jahid says it is the main goal of his vlogging. “The goal of the videos is to let people know about our marine fishing industry: how we use the latest fishing equipment on modern fishing vessels, which people have only seen on television,” said Jahid. photos, >>click to read<< 12:44

Alaska crabbers get creative with pop-up sales, but industry’s fate uncertain

With Alaska’s Bering Sea snow crab fishery shut down for the second year in a row, crabbers are having to make tough decisions and find creative ways to earn income, like selling direct to Anchorage consumers, sometimes in parking lots. A hand-painted sign on an Anchorage street corner and a hanging sign with the words “Live Alaskan King Crab” were enough to draw in customers to a Spenard parking lot that had become home to one of the shellfish pop-up sales. The live crab sale was in its fourth day on Nov. 2 and had already sold more than three-quarters of the 700 red king crabs hauled out from the Bering Sea. In an attempt to make up some lost income, third-generation fisherman Gabriel Prout brought red king crab to Anchorage to sell directly to consumers. Photos, >>click to read<< 09:16

Fishing Vessel Nord-Fugloy: Seiner designed for northern Norwegian waters

Norwegian shipbuilder Larsnes Mek Verksted recently delivered a new seiner to compatriot fishing company Camaro Fiskeriselskap. Named after a local island, Nord-Fugløy was built to a DNV-compliant design developed by local naval architecture firm Skipskompetanse for seine netting and purse seining. Kent-Arild Apneseth, project manager at Skipskompetanse, said the brief from the owner was to optimise a vessel for the coastal fishery and implement a new way of operating Danish seine, hauling the net from the stern in a manner that will increase efficiency and to be able to operate more securely in a larger weather window.  Photos, >>click to read<<08:21

Connecticut fishermen catch a massive 400-pound Stingray

I don’t know about you, but in my world, stingrays aren’t 400 pounds. In the real world so to speak, it’s just as uncommon for your basic ray, too, so this catch in the Long Island Sound off the Connecticut coast is about as rare as you can get. Truly a ‘whoa’ moment. Our Long Island Sound Trawl Survey crew never knows what they might see on a given day out on the Sound – yesterday was a stand-out example. First, the crew trawled up a HUGE roughtail stingray (Bathytosia centroura): over 6 ft. long, 5 ft. wide, and an estimated 400 pounds! These gentle giants are found along the Atlantic coast from New England to Florida but are relatively rare in Long Island Sound. photos, >>click to read<< 07:30