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Non-profit helps scores of commercial fishermen with free fishing licenses

It’s not uncommon for a delayed start to Dungeness crab season along Oregon, in fact, many fishermen try to plan ahead for it. This year is the second in a row for commercial crabbers with the start on December 16 rather than December 1 due to low meat yields. Even with some fishermen able to secure other work, there remain those who need help making ends meet as they await the season open. Non-profit Charleston Fishing Families formed in 2016 with one of their goals being to help those fishermen. “During this time, money’s already tight. It’s holiday season. Often there’s a delay in the season, and so this was one way where we could directly help and impact the fishermen and just offset a little bit of costs. It may not be a lot, but it does help,” said Jackie Chambers, president of CFF. “This year, we had a record number of 73 in the span of five hours.” >>click to read<< 17:05

Commercial Dungeness crab season delayed

Pre-season testing shows Dungeness crabs are too low in meat yield in some ocean areas, delaying Oregon’s commercial season until at least Dec. 16.  Targeted to open Dec. 1, Oregon’s ocean commercial Dungeness crab season can be delayed so consumers get a high-quality product, and crabs are not wasted. The next round of crab meat yield and biotoxin testing will occur in the coming weeks. Results help determine if the season opens Dec. 16 or is further delayed or split into areas with different opening dates. Oregon, California and Washington coordinate Dungeness crab quality testing and the commercial season opening dates. >>click to read<< 14:30

Potential move to electric lobster fishing boats hauls in opposing opinions

Lobster fishing captain Andrew Arbuckle wants to buy an electric boat. One problem, they don’t exist yet. The boat building industry is on the cusp of new electric options. Companies are inventing new designs and investing in unique ideas. But adoption could be slow, since the biggest group of customers, fishing crews in Southwest Nova Scotia, generally reject the idea. Aboard a prototype diesel-electric hybrid fishing boat, Sue Molloy, CEO of Glas Ocean Electric, lifts a floor panel from the deck. She points to a metal driveshaft that runs along the centreline of the boat, disappearing towards the propeller. Not everyone agrees that electric boats are the future. Fishing crews in the Pubnico area agreed with Fleck’s assessment. “It’s wishful thinking,” said Reynold d’Entremont. “It ain’t gonna work.” Photos, >>click to read<< 11:50,

Video – Electric fishing boats are coming but many captains still skeptical, >>click to watch<<

Jersey fishing community ‘fearful’ over proposed marine plans

Nathalie Porritt and Gabby Mason say they fear for the future of dredging and trawling boats if proposed plans are implemented

Seven fishing boats in Jersey could be out of business “overnight” if a recommended plan is implemented, members of the fishing community say. The draft Marine Spatial Plan was published in October to recommend ways of protecting the island’s marine environment. Changes to the way the fishing industry could work were made in it, including over the use of boats with mobile gear. Deputy Jonathan Renouf said the plan could “help the fishing industry”. Members of the fishing community came together at a public drop-in session on Thursday to voice their issues. Nathalie Porritt, a fishing merchant at Aquamar Fisheries, said the proposed areas would particularly affect the scallop industry.  >>click to read<< 09:49

TD Bank’s very bad year in the Maritime seafood business

A bankruptcy and insolvency court in Halifax granted Chester Basin Seafoods more time to restructure late last week in order to save its business exporting silver hake, a relative of cod. The order approved a loan from the company founder to get two of its fishing boats out of a Meteghan shipyard where they are undergoing repairs. Secured creditor Toronto-Dominion Bank reluctantly went along with reprieve. It was TD’s decision earlier this month to call in $5.5 million in loans that triggered the creditor protection proceedings. In Halifax on Friday, TD lawyer Gavin MacDonald asked bankruptcy and insolvency registrar Raffi Balmanoukian “where did all [Chester Basin’s] money go.”  “There is next to nothing in working capital and two busted vessels.” >>click to read<< 08:20

Dumping Day delayed in parts of Southwestern N.S. due to weather

The province’s lucrative lobster fishery is being setback by an approaching weather system. Dumping Day for lobster fishing areas 33 and 34 in Southwestern Nova Scotia typically take place on the last monday of November. While LFA 33 area fishers took advantage of a two-day flexibility window and started the season early Sunday, officials in LFA 34 say they’ll hold off until at least Wednesday. While it is a big day for a major industry in our province, government is stressing the importance of safety as fishers head out on the water. >>click to read<< 07:37

P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association calls for more timely, better monitoring in wake of federal report

Executive director Ian MacPherson said a recent report from the federal environment commissioner underlined the importance of doing more, and better science, especially as the crucial herring and mackerel fisheries remain closed to Island fishers.  “Herring and mackerel are the big ones here on Prince Edward Island, important fisheries to us, and we’d like to get them reopened — and we realize these are science-based decisions, but you need accurate and timely information,” MacPherson said. >>click to read<< 06:38