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Sinking of the Wild Alaskan – Document Dump #42

Document Dump #42 – In this Document Dump, I am releasing to the Public clear, convincing and undeniable evidence that certain Alaska State Troopers and Kodiak Chief of Police, Tim Putney are actively trying to cover-up one of Alaska’s biggest felony theft and destruction of property crimes in the history of this great state. I am a full supporter of Law Enforcement, just not the corrupt ones. As I have stated before, the actions of the Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Bureau of Investigations have now morphed into a “HUB AND SPOKED WHEEL” RICO CONSPIRACY to cover-up a major crime which these people have no immunity from. There is no other way to explain it. Photos, >>click to read Document Dump #42<<. and more. 18:28

Canada’s largest fishing vessel will be ready for 2024, says Baffin Fisheries CEO

A ship being described as Canada’s largest fishing vessel — one that will soon make regular ports of call in Newfoundland harbours like St. Anthony, Harbour Grace and Bay Roberts was launched this week from a yard in Turkey, and the Nunavut-based owners say it’s on track to be harvesting turbot and shrimp from Arctic waters by next year. The vessel will also bear a name that’s quite familiar to ship-spotters in Newfoundland and Labrador: Inuksuk II. Baffin Fisheries currently operates a fleet of three fishing vessels, including the MV Inuksuk I. The vessel is 80 metres long, 18 metres wide, and will be capable of carrying up to 1,300 tonnes of frozen-at-sea turbot or 930 tonnes of shrimp. In comparison, the Inuksuk II is six metres longer than the Calvert, the newest vessel in Ocean Choice International’s fleet. >>click to read<< 14:30

Commercial fish report shows impact of set-net closure

A recent report from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game shows the impact of the closure of a prominent fishery on the 2023 season for the commercial salmon industry in Upper Cook Inlet. Set-netters are worried about the future of their fishery, and the possible long-term impacts of over escapement. In Upper Cook Inlet, the report says, the 2023 commercial salmon harvest was about 40% lower than the 20-year average. Commercial fishermen caught 1.9 million salmon in the upper inlet, compared to the 20-year average of 3.1 million. Fish & Game attributes most of that decline to the closure of the east side set-net fishery, which the department closed before the season even began in anticipation of low king salmon numbers. >>click to read<< 13:04

Pyridine ‘unlikely’ to be cause of mass shellfish die-off on Teesside, new test finds

The latest investigation into the cause of mass creature die off along the North East coast has found an industrial chemical is unlikely to be the cause. The Government has today issued the findings of an investigation by the independent experts at the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, who used a new method to test for the chemical, pyridine, in animal tissue and sediments.  The original incident between October and December 2021 saw crustaceans washed ashore with dying creatures “twitching” and displaying lethargic behaviour right along the coast from Hartlepool down to Whitby. >>click to read<< 11:38

Steinbeck’s famous Western Flyer sails back to Monterey after years of restoration: Photos, inside and out!

The original captain’s desk sits in the wheelhouse, where legendary author John Steinbeck may have jotted notes for his Log from the Sea of Cortez. A guy wire like the one he wrote would “sing under the wind,” stabilizes the mast. Nearby is the galley ventilator where “the odor of boiling coffee” soothed his senses. Neglected, twice sunk and now painstakingly restored, the Western Flyer – dubbed the world’s most famous fishing boat for bearing Steinbeck and his biologist friend Ed Ricketts down the California coast on an ecological adventure — returns Saturday to Monterey for the first time in 75 years to begin a new life in science education. Now docked at the Moss Landing harbor, the Western Flyer will be escorted to Monterey by a decorated boat parade, honoring an end-of-the-season fishing community celebration held the day before Steinbeck and Ricketts headed out on their six-week journey. The event will include tours of the boat, activities and live music. Photos,  >>click to read<< 10:15

Virginia fisherman sentenced for illegally harvesting $37K worth of striped bass

A Virginia fisherman has been sentenced for illegally harvesting striped bass over the course of several years. Commercial fisherman Keith J. Martin, 52, was sentenced to four months in prison on Oct. 26. He was required to begin his sentence by noon Dec. 12. It was recommended by the court to the Bureau of Prisons that Martin be incarcerated in a medical facility. Upon his release, Martin was sentenced to three years of supervised release. On the condition of and for the duration of his supervised release, Martin will be prohibited from participating in any form of commercial fishing,,, >>click to read<< 09:11

Newfoundland fishermen get ‘best news’ on northern cod stocks in a generation

It’s a technical, scientific change: the Limit Reference Point, a key part of the assessment of a fish stock’s health, has been revised. Because of a change in their scientific method, officials at Fisheries and Oceans Canada now believe that Newfoundland’s northern cod stock has moved out of the critical zone for the first time in decades. When then-fisheries minister John Crosbie shut down most of the fishery in 1992, about 30,000 fish harvesters instantly lost their jobs. It was the biggest layoff in Canadian history. Fish harvesters were given $225 a week for 10 weeks to get by. The moratorium was only expected to last two years, but in the decades since, the northern cod stock never left the critical zone — until now. photos, >>click to read<< 07:44

Fisherman Rescued from Capsized Boat off Santa Barbara Coast

It was the early-morning hours of Thursday, November 2, and Santa Barbara–based fisherman Travis Meyer was asleep aboard his anchored 24-foot Privateer fishing boat Obsessed, which he had just purchased in late August and spent the past few months repairing and restoring for the Central Coast waters, and while he slept, his bait tank clogged and began to leak water for nearly three hours. He woke up in shock to see that his recently refurbished boat was already leaning over to one side, and by the time he stepped on the deck, he said, the corner of the boat began to go under — he was going down fast, and without much time, he made a desperate attempt to call for help. >>click to read<< 06:32