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Tropical depression making its way toward Nova Scotia

Claudette, a tropical depression, may affect Atlantic Canada on Tuesday. The depression claimed 12 lives Saturday at it passed through Alabama and brought flooding to a number of southern U.S. states. According to the Canadian Hurricane Centre, the depression is moving over the southeastern U.S. today and tonight and is expected to move back over the ocean overnight and regain tropical storm strength off the Carolinas. >click to read< 16:26

The Escuminac Hurricane capsized 22 fishing boats off the coast of New Brunswick

Between June 18 and 21, 1959, an Atlantic hurricane caused one of New Brunswick’s worst fishing-related disasters. The incident, called the 1959 Escuminac disaster, killed 35 people and caused US$2.5 million worth of damage. On June 18, the storm developed in the Gulf of Mexico. On the same day, it hit Florida and strengthened into a tropical storm. The storm reached hurricane strength on June 19 but was turned into an extratropical cyclone the same day. The storm’s remnants hit Atlantic Canada before dissipating on June 21., In Atlantic Canada, around 45 boats were in the Northumberland Strait when the storm was approaching. They didn’t have radios to receive warnings. The rough water caused at least 22 fishing boats to capsize. >click to read< 14:50

“You’re going to take that little boat across the Inlet?!?”- The little setnet skiff that could

That was the prevailing theme around the Ninilchik Harbor when we showed up with a 21-foot open setnet skiff, headed for Bristol Bay. I have traveled across Cook Inlet from Ninilchik a number of times and never thought much of it, but it had been 20 years since my last crossing.,, Boats are bigger and they have far more power. Most people navigate by GPS rather than compass. The 40-mile crossing from Ninilchik to the mouth of Johnson River is obvious, as long as the fog doesn’t roll in. A compass heading is adequate. Dakota Tennant, Ben Doudna and I motored out of the Ninilchik Harbor at 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. The wind was out of the southwest,,, >click to read< 10:47

DEVELOPING STORY: Peter Pan Seafoods announces base price for Bristol Bay sockeye

Peter Pan Seafoods will pay its fishermen a base price of $1.10 for sockeye this season. This is the first time in at least 25 years that a Bristol Bay processor has announced its base price this early in the year, according to Travis Roenfanz, the Bristol Bay manager for the company. Roenfanz made the announcement at the PAF Boatyard in Dillingham before a crowd of fishermen. >click to read< 09:48

Conflicting statements create confusion over future of old Ayr fishing boat

The MVF Watchful has been sitting on an old slipway in Ayr’s South Harbour for around two decades. Previous attempts to have the vessel restored have sunk without a trace. Now campaigners, who are concerned the vessel’s condition is beyond redemption, have been left scratching their heads over differing accounts over its future from a local councillor and South Ayrshire Council. Both accounts from the local authority and the Ayr West Councillor appeared to contradict each other and Ayrshire Live was asked to investigate. >click to read< 09:11

My Father’s Hands

The first time I remember being aware of my father’s hands was when I was three. I wasn’t very tall, nor powerful. Standing on a main street of Juneau for the first time in 1962. The “Big City” life bustling around this small Little Norway-born boy. Before me loomed a large theater marquee that demanded I see “Hatari!” and the posted billboard showed John Wayne screaming at me to do so. I was terrified. So many people. So many lights. Too many days away from our own Mitkof Island home. Then my father’s large hand swallowed my tiny feeble one. Its warmth flowed down my arm to my torso and into my tiny black rubber boots. Looking up I could only see his hand. >click to read< 07:55 By Klas Stolpe