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Time to hit the brakes on offshore wind farms

2017, offshore wind generation appeared to be a dead issue in Maine. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) had just completed an extensive study that deemed it too expensive for ratepayers. Now it is moving again at the speed of light. What I would like to know is, why haven’t we started an independent study on the environmental impacts of offshore wind development? We have been told that we need to move quickly given the Governor’s ambitious goals. I have heard this repeatedly and from many people in the Legislature, the bureaucracy, special interest groups and from high-paid lobbyists working for foreign corporations. Where did these goals come from, and why are we using these goals as a target? >click to read< 16:55

Ottawa reneged on 2019 commercial fishing licence for Listuguj over electoral, industry concerns

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government (LMG) is asking a Federal Court to review a decision by DFO after it withdrew its consent to allow harvesters to sell lobster from its Fish, Social and Ceremonial (FSC) fishery in 2019.,, The negotiations between Listuguj and DFO go back to March 2017 where the community “sought to engage with DFO to address issues related to the implementation of Listuguj’s Treaty Right, particularly as it relates to the lobster fishery,” according to the records. By early September, negotiations seemed to be over. DFO agreed to a change “in principle,” to LMG’s Fall licence meaning it could sell lobster to cover its costs, according to the documents. >click to read< 13:32

Fishing industry ‘sold down river’ by Brexit

When I read  that those fish and chip shops supplied by our trawler fleet some years ago are now being supplied by Norwegian trawlers, I have to ask myself…how in heaven’s name did we allow this to happen? And when I read in the same article that good quality fish, caught by our own fisherman, were left rotting on the quayside, almost mirroring fish caught by British fishermen having to be thrown back although dead, but perfectly fit to enter our food chain, I considered both a criminal act, and if they weren’t they should have been. >click to read< 11:55

Sipekne’katik Social and Ceremonial Fishery Delayed To June 3rd

The start of a first nations lobster fishery in St. Mary’s Bay has been delayed. The Sipekne’katik First Nation planned to launch a food, social and ceremonial fishery tomorrow, but that will now begin June 3rd. The band says public health guidelines will see greater flexibility for community members to prepare, and ensure a safe and secure start to the season. The decision is a step back from a planned self-regulated moderate livelihood fishery. >click to read< 10:50

Biloxi 2021 Blessing of the Fleet and Shrimp Festival is ‘a sign of hopefulness’

The 92nd Annual Blessing of the Fleet and Shrimp Festival event took place this weekend and celebrated Biloxi’s culture, heritage and legacy. A $1,000 cash prize was awarded to the first place best decorated boat, the Kenny B. The second-best decorated boat, the Barbara K, was awarded $500, as was the participation of working boat winner, My Sons. The tradition of blessing the fishing fleet began in 1929, and marks the beginning of the fishing season for shrimp fishermen. >click to read< , and >click here< 10:09

Spanish trawler allegedly fishing illegally in Irish waters has been detained

It follows an incident in which a Spanish trawler was involved in a confrontation with Irish fishermen last Friday. That vessel is alleged to have been operating illegally within the waters of Bantry Bay, which is within Ireland’s 12-nautical mile limit. The limit gives exclusive rights to Irish-registered fishing vessels to fish in those waters. “This is the fifth vessel detained by the Naval Service in 2021. The Defence Forces conduct at-sea fishery inspections in line with the service level agreement with the Sea Fishery Protection Authority, as part of its delivery of government services to the state.” It is not clear if the detained vessel is the same one involved in Friday’s incident. >click to read< 09:15

Fighting for the fishing grounds in the face of offshore wind farms

For almost a half century, Angela Sanfilippo has spearheaded campaigns to protect the physical and economic health of commercial fishermen, their families and the communities in which they live.,, The Vineyard Wind 1 project is positioned as the primary vanguard in the development of U.S. offshore wind farms. The project calls for the installation of 84 wind turbines about 12 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. Beyond the benefits of clean energy and conservation, developers say the project also will create 3,658 full-time jobs in Massachusetts between 2019 and 2047. “Nowhere have they said how many people, how many fishermen, they’re going to displace,” she said. “It’s like we don’t exist and the fishing grounds don’t exist.” >click to read< 08:13