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UK’s fishing crews outraged at Brexit betrayal five years after

It’s 5am on a brisk June morning and on board the Girl Pamela fishing vessel, skipper Graham Nicholas is taking me through some basic housekeeping ahead of a 12-hour stint at sea. “If you need to piss or puke,” he says, “do it overboard. If you need to shit, do it in the bucket.” On the fifth anniversary of the vote to leave the EU, many say their industry has been betrayed Above all, he has one outstanding question. As Brexit negotiations faltered over fishing rights last year,  “But if we’re so unimportant, how comes the Europeans fought so f****g hard for their fishermen?” >click to read<19:03

What do Deckhands earn and get paid on ‘Deadliest Catch’ and in the commercial crab industry?

There’s definitely money to be made in crab fishing, more if you star in a popular show about crab fishing. And the crab fishing industry is lucrative. While this is just a snapshot, it’s a pretty eye-opening one. According to a 2006 report, 505 commercial fishermen brought in over $127 million worth in crab loot. If that was evenly divided, it’d be $250,000 per person, but of course, things don’t work out that way. “Wages are often based on a share or percentage of harvest earnings. Newcomer deckhand earnings range from 1.5% to 10% of the adjusted gross catch, depending on location and type of fishery and the skills the worker possesses.” And it’s also situational: some crab fishers can make $50 to $100 a day as a flat rate if they want to play it safe. >click to read< 15:45

Say No for the Ocean, Citizens! Impact of Offshore Wind on Commercial Fishing Industry Discussed

Scallop fisherman and Viking Village fleet owner Jim Gutowski laid out the scope in size of one offshore wind farm turbine as a backdrop to his talk on “The Impact of Offshore Wind Farms on Our Commercial Fishing Industry”,,, Gutowski traveled to England and Scotland about five years ago to meet with commercial fishermen affected by wind turbines Asked by an audience member for details about any pros and cons of wind power that he heard there, Gutowski said, “From a fisherman’s standpoint I don’t think I heard too many pros. I heard tons of cons. I heard that ‘fish used to live here and now they don’t.’ I heard that ‘they told us we can fish inside of there and now we can’t.’ I heard ‘we can fish inside of them, but there’s no way we can do it.’ I saw Ramsgate in England, that was a bustling fishing port, and now it’s kind of a ghost town.” >click to read< 13:37

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 82′ Steel Stern Dragger, 525HP Cummins KTA 19 M

To review specifications, information, and 10 photos>click here< , To see all the boats in this series >click here<11:46

Halibut fisherman encounters freak storm on trip back from Togiak

“At some point I’m thinking my arm’s failing, my body’s cramping and I’m losing control in my dexterity,” recalled Kaleb Westfall, captain of the F/V Peter. “Those thoughts creep into your head that you can’t do this forever. You are going to fail and it’s hard to multitask and disallow those thoughts and I had to put it to one wave at a time.” >click to read< 10:55

Something Fishy: A study in believe it or not

Researching my books I do come across some very interesting characters, none more so than former Maitland resident Athel D’Ombrain AM. Athel’s resume includes photographer, optician, naturalist, author, cricketer, pioneer angler, game fisherman and historian. Born in 1901 Athel’s contribution to society and inventiveness were significant. His fishing involvement was of most interest to me. One of Athel’s revolutionary plans was reported in the NSW Game Fishing Bulletin 1947. >click to read< 09:49

Nova Scotia is launching its own seafood quality certification program

Participating companies must meet a range of traceability, handling, processing and food safety standards including an annual product quality assessment prior to export. Keith Colwell, the province’s longtime minister of fisheries and aquaculture, said customers want proof of quality. Others certifications exist, including for live lobster, which is one of the species eligible for the Nova Scotia program. The most important standard is from the Global Food Safety Initiative — a certification required by big buyers like Walmart and Loblaws. But Nova Scotia officials argue the provincial program is more comprehensive because it includes an emphasis on quality as well as food safety. >click to read< 09:12

Making Waves! Fishermen protest in Dublin over EU fisheries policy

A flotilla of 55 trawlers from all around the Irish coast gathered at the entrance to Dublin Port before dawn before travelling up the River Liffey in convoy through the East Link Toll Bridge to John Rodgerson’s Quay., The fishermen are protesting over quotas cuts, the impact of Brexit and the EU Common Fisheries policy in the second such protest in as many months. The protesters will hold a rally at Guild St Park at noon, before a delegation will deliver a letter to the Taoiseach at the National Convention Centre. Photos, >click to read<

Fishermen from all over the country are making waves with Dublin protest – Fishermen and industry representatives are expected to list their demands later today, which are to be submitted to Taoiseach Micheál Martin at the National Convention Centre around 1:30pm. >click to read< 07:46