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A flotilla will sail up the Liffey. ‘We want the Government to fight for us’: Fishermen to protest Brexit-related cuts

The Government faces a backlash from fishermen, In a sector that employs 16,000 people, the mood is restive and many fear ruin. “To put it in weather terms, we’ve been hit with not alone one tsunami but a second tsunami and that’s the problem,” said Seán O’Donoghue, chief executive of Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation, the trade body for the State’s biggest fishing port in Co Donegal. “I’ve said this to the Taoiseach and the Ministers: I’m not interested in their sympathy. I’m interested in action.” >click to read< 21:00

Persistence, ability to overcome adversity keeps this local trawler going after 30+ years

The job of a trawler is the same every day: catch shrimp. But the opponent one is up against (weather, seas, Mother Nature) is always slightly different each day. Being able to adjust to the unknown is Thomas Crosby’s specialty on the water. It’s a skill he believes allows him to be a good fisherman. The captain of the ‘Limited Edition’ since the late 1980s, Crosby has been on the water for as long as he can remember. The experienced captain said a good trawler is capable of adapting, adjusting and rolling with the punches, even if they come often and from a lot of unexpected directions. >click to read< 18:28

F/V Catherine Lane: Wrecked shrimp boat breaking apart

The shrimp boat that wrecked June 9 near Cumberland Island is now breaking apart, littering the water and coastline. “I got contacted by Florida Fish and Wildlife to see if we could go out and take some pictures,” Cary Cosgrove said. “I thought we’d get out there and find a shrimp boat but we get out there and couldn’t find it,” That’s because in the ten days since the boat crashed, it had broken apart,,, “The hull is a couple hundred feet off the rocks,” Cosgrove said.  “The remnants from the rest of the boat were scattered all over the place.” Video, >click to read< 15:31

Cuomo’s Closure of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant a big step backwards to reduce CO2 emissions.

April 30th, the Indian Point nuclear power plant 30 miles north of New York City was shut down. For decades the facility provided the overwhelming majority of the city’s carbon-free electricity as well as good union jobs for almost a thousand people. Federal regulators had deemed the plant perfectly safe. New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, a key figure behind the move, said that the shuttering of Indian Point brought us “a big step closer to achieving our aggressive clean energy goals”. It’s hard to reconcile that optimism with the data that’s recently come out. The first full month without the plant has seen a 46% increase in the average carbon intensity of statewide electric generation,,, >click to read< 13:53

Lobster Market Is Going To Boom

Lobster, highly prized seafood, is a shellfish variety used as food materials. Seafood is rich in protein and considered to be one of the main ingredients for overall physical growth. Lobsters, being high in protein, have various health benefits. Owing to rising demand of seafood products, number of restaurants offering lobster is increasing which is driving the global lobster market. The report provides key statistics on the market status, size, share, growth factors of the Lobster. The study covers emerging player’s data, including: competitive landscape, sales, revenue and global market share,,, >click to read< 12:40

Individual transferable quota system hurting Tasmania’s fishing fleets

“ITQs have caused a decrease in owner operators and a decrease in active vessels in the fleet,, “Separation of ITQ ownership from the fishing sector has created a whole range of unintended consequences, which have ultimately seen the flow of majority of profits to investors, not the fishing fleet.” King Island Council deputy general manager Kate Mauric told the committee some fishermen felt disadvantaged due to contract management from investors, though this was not as pronounced on the island as elsewhere. >click to read< 10:54

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: June 21, 2021

It’s the first Fish Report of the season! Data from Port Moller show a big push of fish might arrive in the Nushagak this week. But managers will wait to open fishing there until 100,000 sockeye have escaped up the Wood to protect the district’s king run. On the East Side, Egegik’s out fishing, and people in Naknek are getting ready.,, Messages to the Fleet,  From Elaine: Wishing the awesome crew on the new f/v sugar mama a very successful season. Hope she lives up to her name The Gunnison Valley wishes their sea legged friends, Frances and Jeremy, all the best on the open water! ANd a special hello from Lidl the weiner dog! From the F/V Independence, Brent apologizes in advance. >click to listen/read the report<10:14

Video: Lobster Boat Races, Rockland style. Photos: 2021 Charles Begin Boothbay Harbor Lobster Boat Races

Videographer Terry Boivin was aboard a lobster boat owned by Willie Coombs, of Prospect Harbor, for the June 20 lobster boat races around Rockland Harbor. It’s a great ride along, and when Willie winds her up, and that turbo kicks in, you can feel the power! Thanks to Terry Boivin, and Willie Coombs for a great way to start today! >click to watch<

2021 Boothbay Harbor Lobster Boat Races – The 2021 Charles Begin Boothbay Harbor Lobster Boat Races were held Saturday, June 19 after skies cleared. Here, professional photographer Michael Leonard captures the action from West Boothbay Harbor. Race results will appear in a separate article. >click to view the photos< 08:01

2021 Boothbay Harbor Lobster Boat Races results >Click to read the results!<