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Marine Engineer Joe Fletcher known as Joe Kelvin to fishing communities dies aged 92

He was the mainstay of Kelvin Marine Diesels, the firm that produced the engine that propelled Scotland’s fisheries. Over many decades, Joe Fletcher won the trust of fishing crews up and down the east coast of Scotland. Joe’s son Charles said: “Fishermen across the east coast and worldwide knew they had a friend in Joe Fletcher, a man who would always do his best to meet and often exceed their needs without compromising the business. He was reliable. On call night and day before people this side of the Atlantic even heard of the expression 24/7, Joe was always available on ship-to-shore radio calls to deal with engineering matters. In the days before the internet and mobile phones, ship-to-shore calls were a lifeline to fishing vessels nationwide. >click to read< 19:54

Lobster fishermen land a deer!

Two brothers lobster fishing off the coast of Antigonish, N.S., on Thursday morning hauled up an unusual catch. Justin and Luc Boudreau first noticed the deer’s head bobbing above the waves while they were fishing near Jimtown Beach. The animal looked to be headed for Cape Breton but had a long way to go. They hoisted the deer aboard. But the rescue wasn’t over. Once the deer caught its breath, it headed back overboard and into the water. >photos, click to read< Listen to the audio report with Justin Boudreau! 14:58

Lobsterman shares video of ‘tickling’ a skate, but animal rights people react with outrage

Jeffrey Dader was at work on Cape Cod Bay last week when he caught the skate in one of his lobster pots. He later posted a video of himself placing it on the side of his boat and saying ‘how do you tickle a fish’ before reaching over and touching it in thick gloves. Jeffrey, 29, said: ‘It made my day. It’s got such a happy looking face. It’s like a little baby face. While some viewers praised the footage as ‘cute’, others slammed the fisherman’s actions. video, photos. >click to read< 13:04

Tropical Storm Warning up along northern Gulf Coast with Claudette forming today

At 10 a.m. Friday, the National Hurricane Center said Potential Tropical Cyclone 3 was centered 220 miles south of Morgan City, Louisiana and moving north at 14 mph. It had sustained winds of 35 mph. It is expected to strengthen into Tropical Storm Claudette by afternoon and reach the northern Gulf Coast by Saturday morning. Winter dry air is still mixing down deep into the tropics. Yes, it is not cold air, but it is dry air. This almost always leads to asymmetrical tropical systems. The “wet” side is generally east of the storm track and it is in this region, where over the next 3-5 days we will see the wettest and stormiest, along with the highest winds and highest storm surge (if any, this is a weak system). >click to read< 11:41

Between June 18 and 21, 1959, an Atlantic hurricane caused one of New Brunswick’s worst fishing-related disasters. – The incident, called the 1959 Escuminac disaster, killed 35 people and caused US$2.5 million worth of damage. On June 18, the storm developed in the Gulf of Mexico. >click to read< – 16:41, 6/20/2021

International: BC crab poacher has to pay more than $12,000 in penalties

An almost three-year legal odyssey for a persistent local crab poacher, one that involved three enforcement agencies in two countries, ended in Surrey Provincial Court with a conviction, more than $12,000 in penalties, and a five-year ban on fishing anywhere in B.C. But the offender managed to keep his boat after his Canadian court date, unlike what happened to him in the U.S. legal system. >click to read< 10:10

How Deadliest Catch’s Captain Keith Really Feels About Sig’s Alliance System

Because Coronavirus knocked out any chance for Alaska Fish & Game to research crab populations, the captains of “Deadliest Catch” were essentially fishing blind when the season started. A resilient, resourceful group, they were determined to catch their quota and keep the fishery humming. And to that end, Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern proposed a cooperative alliance to his fellow captains. To team up, to communicate, to share intelligence, Hansen wanted these notoriously independent operators to find common ground for the common good. Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard begrudgingly agreed, only with a sense of what he’s learned over 25 years as a boat captain. >click to read< 09:08

Governor Charlie Baker nominates locals for New England Fishery Management Council

The New England Fishery Management Council will lose four of its longest-serving members this summer because of term limits and two of the vacant seats could be filled by candidates from Cape Ann. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has nominated Jackie Odell,,, Baker listed recreational fishing stakeholder Mike Pierdinock as his preferred candidate,,, On their way out Quinn, Balzano, Terry Alexander, of Maine, and Matthew McKenzie, of Connecticut, will be leaving the council when their terms expire on Aug. 10. >click to read< 08:23