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Mediterranean Fishing Fleet Stops In Protest Of EU Quotas

The regulation threatens the activity of 600 Spanish ships and more than 17,000 jobs, between direct and indirect. Fishermen reject Brussels limiting trawling to 120 days a year in 2025. The Spanish Mediterranean fishing sector has stopped this Friday en bloc (trawling, seine and small gears), to protest against the management plan for this sea imposed by the European Union on the fleet that operates in these waters and that, according to the fishermen , leads them to their practical disappearance, as reported in a statement. >click to read< 21:55

Green investors don’t see the damage they inflict on the environment

Sometimes you have to step back and take stock of what you are doing to address certain problems,,, The approval of Viking Energy appears to have kickstarted the use of Shetland and its surrounding seabed as an industrial development site for government subsidized offshore wind farms, covering some of the most productive fishing grounds in Europe. Covering the seabed with wind farm anchors, cables and associated debris, causing the exclusion of Shetland’s fishing fleet from their traditional fishing grounds both East and West of Shetland would potentially wipe out much of what is left of our local fishing industry. >click to read<  By William Polson, Whalsay18:37

The North Face gets a ‘pie in the face’ for virtue signaling without understanding their own products

In the news today is a hilarious case of lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy,,, The North Face refused to make jackets for an oil and gas firm, saying the company’s products “didn’t align with its brand standards.” This shows an amazing lack of awareness because their outdoor wear fabrics are almost entirely created from oil. “They told us we did not meet their brand standards,” Innovex Downhole Solutions CEO Adam Anderson said. “We were separately informed that what that really meant is was that we were an oil and gas company.” In fact, a whopping two-thirds of our clothing is made from petroleum derived synthetic fibers. The North Face’s rank hypocrisy has been called out in a short video by Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, >click to read/watch<16:04

Russian crew member held over collision that killed three on Japanese vessel

Pavel Dobrianskii, 38, was in charge of the 662-ton Russian ship Amur on May 26 at the time of the collision with the Hokko Maru No. 8 crewed by five, according to the Monbetsu Coast Guard Office. The crew aboard the 9.7-ton Japanese boat, which belonged to a fishery cooperative based in Monbetsu, were catching hairy crabs when the collision occurred at around 6 a.m. The Hokko Maru crew was quoted by the coast guard as saying they were unable to maneuver the boat away as they were catching crabs by rope and the Russian ship collided with their vessel. >click to read< 13:39

Fed Right whale plan could mean lobster industry changes – a reinvention of the fishery as we know it

Federal officials recently released plans,,, But it’s the risk reduction target, an aggressive 98 percent, that Maine Department of Marine Resources officials said means only one thing, “a complete reinvention of the fishery as we know it.” The conservation framework, an addition to the 582-page biological opinion, creates a four-phased approach to all but eliminate the death and serious injury of the whales in federally managed fishing grounds. The first phase calls for a 60 percent reduction in right whale deaths and serious injuries this year. Patrice McCarron, Maine Lobstermen’s Association, fears the industry can’t sustain that level of change.  “If you look at the changes we’ve made over the last 25 years, there’s not a lot left to give,”, >click to read< 10:27

Canadian Coast Guard destroys man’s boat, then sues to cover $8,500 bill

A Campbell River man is being sued for over $8,500 in federal court after he says the Canadian Coast Guard destroyed his boat without his knowledge. Tom Puglas, 76, of the Mamalilikulla First Nation, said it all began on a 2017 salmon fishing trip. When his 39-foot wood-hulled gillnetter broke down, he moored it along the outside finger of a dock in Port McNeill. According to federal court documents, the Canadian Coast Guard was called in on Aug. 22, 2017, after reports Puglas’s vessel was sinking and discharging oil. The documents claim the Coast Guard contacted Puglas, who said he would remove the vessel from the water and make any necessary repair. Puglas denies that ever happened. >click to read< 09:17

Bait Masters alternative bait got a bump in inquiries after mackerel quotas were cut in May

“We’re just two guys, so there’s going to be some logistics.” A P.E.I. company is getting ready to scale up production as word of its alternative bait spreads across North America, and a cut in the quota of traditional bait leaves fishermen looking for options. Bait Masters started producing their bait sausages in the $1.4 million facility in Nine Mile Creek, P.E.I.,,, Co-owners Mark Prevost and Wally MacPhee embarked on creating a new alternate bait,,, In 2020, a UPEI researcher released his analysis based on field trials of the new bait in P.E.I. bays in the summer of 2019. It found that the new bait sausage created by Bait Masters catches as many lobster as traditional baits, such as herring and mackerel. >click to read< 07:55