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John “Jack” Horan, of Newport, RI, Commercial Fisherman, has passed away

John “Jack” Horan, of Newport, RI, passed away Sunday, June 20, 2021, surrounded by family and friends. Born in Newport, Rhode Island on March 19, 1949, Jack was an active member of the community involved in Offshore Commercial Fishing and serving as a member of The Federal Fire Department. Jack also served in the First Calvary Infantry Division during the Vietnam War. He received an honorary Air Medal for his service during that time. After his service in Vietnam, Jack began offshore fishing lobstering and was known for his spear accuracy in harpooning large swordfish. Jack enjoyed fishing and lobstering throughout his entire life on his boat “FV Hanna”. He was generous, funny, and grateful for every day. Jack was a great storyteller, and he had many stories he loved sharing with friends and family. >click to read< 19:23

Raimondo picks Janet Coit, a source of trusted counsel, to lead the National Marine Fisheries Service

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, Coit’s former boss in the Rhode Island State House, announced the selection of Coit to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries office.,, But the work of the fisheries service is getting even harder as it’s faced with stepping into a brewing fight over coastal waters between fishermen and the developers of offshore wind farms. Coit wouldn’t say much about the expectations for her new job in Washington as she waited for the official word to come down from the Commerce Department. But she was certain that offshore wind will be in the mix. “That’s going to be such a hot-button issue that I’m heading into,” she said.  >click to read<16:46

Portimão seeks skilled labour to restore historic fishing boat

A century-old fishing boat is to be restored to its former glory and displayed outside Portimão Museum. But there is one issue setting the project back, says the local council. There is a “lack of specialised labour to restore traditional vessels made out of wood”, says the council, adding that Portimão Museum is working hard to find the right people to give ‘Portugal Primeiro’ the makeover it “deserves and needs”. The restoration project is being led by Portimão Museum with the assistance of the local fishing community. >click to read< 12:24

Proposed net ban, restriction referendum raises concern among commercial fishing advocates

A proposed referendum for net bans and restrictions missed the state legislature’s crossover deadline, but its very introduction has caused alarm among some commercial fishing officials. State Rep. Bill Richardson, D-Cumberland, introduced House Bill 513,,, the fact it was proposed was enough to spark concern with commercial fishing advocates and a local marine biologist. N.C. Fisheries Association Executive Director and commercial fisherman Glenn Skinner and Crystal Coast Ecotours owner and operator Jess Hawkins have voiced their opposition. >click to read< 11:29

Commercial fishers fined for potentially disturbing migrating whales in Scarborough

Two commercial fishers who potentially disturbed migrating whales off Scarborough with their unsecured lines were the first to be prosecuted under new lobster regulations. The fishers, a 72-year-old from Beaconsfield and a 44-year-old from Bateman, pleaded guilty and were each ordered to pay $7453.90 in fines and court costs at Perth Magistrate’s Court on June 9. According to the amended Management Plan for Commercial rock lobster fishing introduced in 2014, the top third of the length of the pot lines must be held vertically in the water. The officers seized nine lobster pots as a part of the lines of each pot were trailing across the surface of the water. >click to read< 10:25

Will the offshore wind farm hurt the Morro Bay fishing industry? ‘We’re basically screwed’!

About 50% of Bill Blue’s annual income comes from the black cod he catches in the Morro Bay call area. Erecting wind turbines in the ocean there would likely force him and others who fish rock cod, albacore tuna, salmon, prawns, swordfish and black cod, also known as sablefish, to completely abandon the area. “What we’re seeing is the government going ‘Drop everything. We have to do this right now: clear all the obstacles, push the fishermen off the map,’ ” said Alan Alward, secretary of the Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Organization, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the local fishing industry. >click to read< 08:34

‘Fishing in Ireland was sold out during the Brexit talks’ – Fishing families to stage rally in Dublin

Adrian McClenaghan is deeply proud of the fact four generations of his family have fished off the Irish coast. “But none of us faced the crisis that Shaun now faces in the industry. Fishing in Ireland was sold out during the Brexit talks. If this continues without the Government taking firm action to save our industry, there won’t be a future in the sector for the next generation of young fishermen.” The Donegal skipper and father-of-four will be one of the keynote speakers at a rally in Dublin on Wednesday,,,>click to read< 07:40