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Togiak Herring Fishery Update: Highest Roe Percentage of the Season Recorded Tuesday

Commercial fishermen participating in the ongoing Togiak sac-roe herring fishery are still finding harvestable fish and so far no one has gone home. On Tuesday over 1.9-thousand tons of herring were harvested and the roe percentage of the fish harvested by the gillnet fleet was 11.86-percent.  Mike Mason Listen, and  Read more here  20:26


The Magnuson Act: It’s a Keeper

Healthy oceans and well-managed fisheries improve coastal economies, enhance recreational fishing opportunities and provide fresh, local seafood to consumers. And while many fisheries,,, Read more here 18:04

Some disappointing news came today for the deep water wind project known as Aqua Ventus. oh say it ain’t so!

That’s the pilot project led by a University of Maine development team. Aqua Ventus was competing for federal development money. But, as Jennifer Mitchell reports, the project was not selected for full funding. So now, its fate is less certain. Meanwhile, environmental advocates are still lamenting a decision they say chased away another wind developer. Listen, and read more here  18:07

Tom Nies,Executive Director NEFMC – We are devastated by the loss of our friend, Long-time Council staff member Phil Haring

From: Tom Nies – Long-time Council staff membnefmc logoer Phil Haring passed away on May 3, 2014 after a courageous battle against an aggressive brain tumor. He was at home with his family. He was 60 years old. Read more here  17:56

American Samoa: Strong views about fishing rights

Utulei and Fagatogo resident Christina Lutu-Sanchez urged alia vessel owners and fishermen not to label owners and fishermen of longline vessels as “they” or people from “outside” because they are not. Tuala-uta resident Esther Fiatoa points out that the waters around American Samoa are not owned by the federal government but by the Samoan people.Read more, and two audios here  16:48

Longliners vs alia fishermen – Read more here

NOAA – Public Comment – The GARFO Collection – Vessel Identification Changes

The official number must be displayed on the port and starboard sides of the deckhouse or hull, and on an appropriate weather deck so as to be clearly visible from enforcement vessels and aircraft. The display of the identifying characters aids in fishery law enforcement. Read more here  16:32

An ailing crewmember from F/V Green Acres gets Medevac

Coast Guard rescue crews from, medically evacuated a man 105 miles east of Cape Cod, Wednesday. He was suffering from abdominal pain, vomiting, and symptoms consistent with internal bleeding.  Read more here 14:42

Pew/NatGeo Column Oversimplifies Ecosystem-Based Management of “Forage Fish”

smfWASHINGTON (Saving Seafood) May 7, 2014 — In a recent article, “The ABCs of Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management-Part II,” the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Director of Federal Fisheries Policy and National Geographic online guest writer, Lee Crockett, focuses on the management of “forage fish” — a much used, though highly debated categorization for a number of small, marine species. The article’s title suggests,,, Read more here  14:13

UPS delivers parts for $350K NOAA drone to college kid – Dude. I think I just got a drone in the mail

A college student attempting to order weight lifting equipment through the mail somehow received parts for a $350,000 drone from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. Read more here  13:46

South Mississippi’s recreational and charter fishermen want more snapper

BILOXI — If South Mississippi recreational fishermen and charter boat operators had their way, they would get a larger share of the red snapper quota. That was the message of voting Tuesday night at the Red Snapper Summit put on by the state Department of Marine Resources. Read more here  13:32

The Orin C at the Gloucester Railways in Rocky Neck.

orin c split shot

A good portion of her keel was torn off earlier this week when she struck the rocks by Ten Pound island. Un-confirmed reports has it that vessel operator Dave (Heavy D.) Southerland was leaving the harbor on auto-pilot and left the wheel for a moment when an error caused the vessel to stray from the channel. There was some mild propeller damage that may or may not have been caused during the incident. 12:54:13

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 72.1′ Steel Stern Trawler,1975, Dragger Steel, CAT, Permits

dr3580_01Specifications, more photos, and information Click here  11:08

Scientific ‘buried treasure’ may yield data about shorelines’ future. (may, that could, might,,)

msDeep beneath the ocean floor off the New Jersey coast lie secrets that could help scientists predict how climate change might affect one of the most popular shorelines in the country.,, The work has triggered some controversy.,, Environmental groups have expressed concerns,,, Read more here  09:41

Graying of the Fleet project aims at young fishermen

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522As older fishermen retire from the business, fewer young people are recruiting in. The average age of Alaska permit holders is 47 — and there are twice as many permit holders aged 45 to 60 as there are between 30 and 44. The issue – dubbed the Graying of the Fleet.  Read more here  09:02

BC: Local crab has become a luxury in China’s high-end Shanghai restaurants

CBC_News_logoCanadian Dungeness crab prices are skyrocketing, as B.C. fishermen try to meet growing demand for the luxury crustacean in China. The crab variety has become hugely popular in high-end Shanghai restaurants, leading most crab buyers in Vancouver to ship to China rather than sell locally. Read more here  08:42

Cape Breton’s Area 27 Lobster season may be delayed because of ice, snow

Some fishermen in Cape Breton are running into problems getting ready for lobster season as many boats are not yet in the water and some traps are still stuck in snowbanks. Read more here  08:13CBC_News_logo