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Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources adopts red snapper monitoring plan

The DMR is moving quickly to follow-up on the concerns of fishermen about this year’s red snapper season. Two weeks ago, more than 100 people attended the DMR’s first “Red Snapper Summit” to share ideas about how best to manage that popular fishery. The Commission on Marine Resources took action at its monthly meeting on Tuesday to address the issue. Read more here  22:29

Governor Rick Scott announced the bay scallop season will open three days early this year.

Opening the season early and on a weekend will create additional recreational opportunities for Florida residents and visitors while recognizing the importance of economic benefits to coastal communities where this activity occurs. Read more here  17:18

Compass: Alaska’s fisheries need real help from D.C., not meddling

Since my two GOP competitors for the U.S. Senate are skipping the Kodiak debate on fisheries, here’s what they’ll miss: my 40-year experience in the fight for Alaska’s fisheries has equipped me to take on Washington, D.C., to keep our fish abundant, our decision-making local, and our fishery industry vibrant. Mead Treadwell is a candidate in the Alaska Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Read more here  17:01

Illegal fish sales net Saskatchewan man fine, ban

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Leon Morin, from Buffalo Narrows, was charged after a complaint was received by the Ministry of Environment in 2012 over the possible abuse of walleye stocks in the area. During the investigation, undercover officers were approached by a commercial fisherman who sold them fish after the commercial fishing season had ended. Morin was then charged with unlawfully marketing fish caught by both commercial fishing and subsistence fishing. Read more here  16:17

An oral history of the Newfoundland seal hunt

However, I had to pop them in the oven while my wife was at work. Sherry doesn’t like seal meat. Nor does she like moose, caribou or rabbit. About the latter delicacy, she says, “It reminds me of cat.” Of course, my first inclination is to ask, “And when did you last eat cat?” But that’s another story for another day. Read more here  15:57

Canada tangles up fisheries talks to score foreign-policy point

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2This situation began to change about five years ago when many governments and international agencies, began to recognize that small-scale fisheries are not a problem to be solved, but rather a solution to the pressing problems facing our oceans. Most important, this turning point was signalled by a major initiative led by the food agency of the United Nations, the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) — a set of international guidelines to support small-scale fisheries. Read more here  15:08

Maine Lobsterman Charged with ‘Egregious’ Harvest

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ The Maine Marine Patrol is charging a 34-year-old Stonington lobsterman with what it calls the most egregious case of harvesting undersized and protected lobsters in more than 25 years. The Maine Marine Patrol says Theodore Gray possessed 269 undersized lobsters and 123 known breeding lobsters. Read more here

Reidar’s Trawl Gear and Marine Supply – Their innovations boon to fishermen

reiders trawl gearA business that serves commercial fishermen has built-in challenges, among them weather, changing fish populations and federal regulations that substantially impact planning and development. To survive and thrive, a marine design and supply business has to be nimble, innovative and just plain determined. Read more here  14:11

Fisheries panel could limit rockfish catch in three year phase-in

Cutbacks would affect all sectors of the fishery — commercial, charter and recreational — and could include limiting the number of fish or pounds commercial fishermen could take, and jiggering the number or weight of individual fish taken by charter or recreational fishermen. Read more here 13:51

Baker: Fabian Manning shines a light on an uncomfortable truth

mza_1601165783653993600_255x255-75As recently as last Wednesday, I had compiled what I was only half-jokingly calling a “shrimp tastes like chicken” list. The list was a collection of all the folks who had either ducked interviews or denied them all together when it comes to the issue of the significant quota cuts recently dealt to the the inshore shrimp fleet. It’s quite a list, comprised mostly (but not exclusively) of people who get handsome paycheques directly from the same taxpayers they are choosing to ignore in this case. Read more here  13:37

Ed Markey, lawmakers rake in Cape Wind dollars “It just doesn’t smell right,”

050213Gomezsc011.JPGCape Wind executives and lobbyists have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars since last year into the campaign coffers of key lawmakers — including more than $50,000 to U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey — as developers of the controversial offshore wind farm seek nearly $1.3 billion in federal cash and loan guarantees, a Herald review found. Read more here  09:29

Sweeping study aims to find why salmon stocks collapsed

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2With almost $10-million in funding raised from private donors, corporations and non-profits, the Pacific Salmon Foundation has started a salmon research project unlike anything the government ever attempted. Launched on the 20th anniversary of the collapse of coho and chinook salmon stocks in the Strait of Georgia,, Read more here 08:28