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Texas Begins Largest Oyster Reef Restoration in State History

The oyster reefs selected for this project include Middle Reef, Pepper Grove Reef and Hannah’s Reef in Galveston’s East Bay and the large Sabine Reef in Sabine Lake.  Rodney said the Pepper Grove Reef oysters “were recently named as some of the tastiest oysters by Thrilllist.com.” Only two of the top fifteen oysters come from the Gulf of Mexico. Read more here 20:24

Louisiana is stirring up the hornets nest again with testing imported farmed shrimp.

Under their study 95% of samples tested positive for at least one illegal antibiotic. What needs to be done is a study by a independent organization as it is in Louisiana’s interest to put a bad name on imported shrimp to protect their domestic industry. Tom Wendt, Read more here  15:36

Pews Peter Baker, once again, pushes his agenda – No Refuge For Fish? Stressed Species Need Safe Habitat

Overfishing and warming waters are combining to create a potent one-two punch that threatens significant harm to New England’s already beleaguered fish and fishermen. Fortunately, there is one thing we can do to cushion both blows: protect ocean habitat — the places where fish spawn, grow, and find shelter and food. Read more here! 14:00

R.I. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Todd Giroux reacts to seal incident

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Todd Giroux moved a seal off a beach near his Bristol home in April. It is a violation of federal law to touch or move a seal. Giroux told NBC 10 he and two others were trying to help a troubled animal on the shore of the Kickemuit River. He said the seal appeared to have been shot. Someone Giroux calls a nosy neighbor called police.  Read more here 12:10

Angry MP holds news conference on cuts to shrimp quotas – First In, First Out ain’t sitting right.

“I don’t even want to sit in front of this Canadian flag,” Watkins said. “It’s disgraceful. We, as Newfoundlanders are down here. They don’t care about us.” New Democrat MP Ryan Cleary didn’t miss a beat. “Let me move that flag out of the way, how’s that?” Read more here  11:27

Hunt for oil, gas in Gulf of St. Lawrence questioned – “The way fishermen feel is government is going to walk over us anyway,”

The Ecology Action Centre in Halifax and fishermen in Cape Breton are raising the alarm over the possibility of oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Joanne Cook, marine toxics co-ordinator at the centre, said the Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board announced this week it was approving oil and gas exploration in the gulf. Read more here  09:41

Last-minute arrival to Maine alewives festival: the fish

Now that the alewife run has begun, King said it will accelerate quickly. At Webber Pond on Seven Mile Stream in Vassalboro, he said he counted four fish Tuesday, 1,000 on Wednesday and more than 3,000 by midafternoon Friday. “For the environment, it’s a huge win,” said Jeffrey Pierce, president of the Alewife Harvesters of Maine. However, Pierce said the prevalence of predators raises new questions about wildlife management. Read more here  09:13

Alleged poacher facing multiple charges

cape oyster poacherBARNSTABLE — A West Yarmouth man accused of poaching thousands of oysters from beds in Dennis and Barnstable last summer also faces a long list of other theft charges. Michael Bryant has several open cases in Barnstable District Court for check-forging, shoplifting and buying stolen merchandise. And on May 1, the 37-year-old was arraigned in Orleans District Court for poaching eels. Read more here  06:31