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Where are the fishermen/fishers/fisherfolk in all this?

With the working title, “Discard ban can benefit fish and fishers, but sustainability must come first” here are the opening lines of an article written by Bryce Stewart – and you wonder why fishermen get a tad upset when they read this kind of thing! Read more here  22:29

AK sockeye salmon market faces wild card with Fraser River run

Salmon fishermen were back out on the Copper River yesterday/Monday hoping for a catch of 33-thousand sockeyes. The first 12-hour opener last Thursday was slow going – 510 landings yielded a total take of 27-thousand reds, down 16% from the forecast, and just 1,000 kings. Advance prices for the first fish dipped a bit to $3.50 a pound for sockeyes and $6.00 for kings. That compares to $4.00 and $6 to $7 last year.  Read more here 22:01

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Reality TV brings Alaska’s toughest longline fishermen to Greenland.

FISH-With-Mic-Logo-GRAPHIC-303-x-400-e1360148757522A new pilot featuring Alaska fisherman will take them half way across the world to the iceberg filled waters of Greenland. A recent ad in the local paper is seeking the best and bravest halibut longliners, stating “Crybabies need not apply.” “We are looking for Alaska halibut fisherman that have braved the waters of Alaska and are looking for the next great challenge.” Listen, and read more here 19:22

Garibaldi-based Crabbing Operation Hit With Multiple Charges

OSP Fish & Wildlife Division troopers started the investigation in December 2013 after a mandatory hold inspection noted the “Valkyrie” deployed commercial crab pots in the Pacific Ocean and did not conduct a landing within 14 days as required by law. The “Valkyrie” is owned and supervised by ARON STEINBACH, age 34, from Bay City, and was operated by two different captains. The first captain was THOMAS WHITE, age 30, from Nehalem, and the most recent captain was a 52-year old Garibaldi man. Read more here 18:00


Better science for better fisheries management.

In research published online last month in the journal Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture, Grabowski found that mobile fishing gear such as trawls and dredges that drag along the bottom cause more damage to areas inhabited by groundfish than stationary gear like traps and gillnets. Read more here  17:14

Pacific bluefin tuna deemed in danger – Centre for Biological Diversity


The Centre for Biological Diversity filed a legal petition urging the National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA) to prohibit fishing for Pacific bluefin tuna, which is reported to have suffered a 96 per cent decline since large-scale fishing began. Read more here  12:09

Early breakup on Yukon River could mean early king run

If the king run does arrive early, biologists want to be ready for it. This year’s chinook run is projected to be one of the worst ever and fisheries managers have already told villagers who live along the river that there likely will be no subsistence fishing for kings this year. The last thing they want to happen is for a bunch of kings to show up early and get caught by fishermen who are fishing for sheefish and whitefish. Read more here 11:47

Former Colleagues Fight Over Turtle Data

NORTH PALM BEACH (CN) – A leading marine research center filed for an injunction against its former head scientist, claiming he stole years of research data and used it to carry out unauthorized studies. Read more here  11:16

WTO appeal decision on seal-product ban comes this week

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2The appeals board of the World Trade Organization is expected to announce its decision this coming week on issues involving the European Union’s ban on seal products. The  appealed a decision the WTO made in November. that ruled the ban was acceptable. Read more here  10:35

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Meeting to discuss spending $10.9 million for damage to oyster and blue crab fisheries

Fishermen can comment at the meeting or mail comments no later than May 30 to: Department of Marine Resources, attn. Joe Jewell, 1141 Bayview Ave., Biloxi, MS 39530.  Read more here  10:16

Is the World Bank among the prophets? – Menakhem Ben-Yami

A new 80-page World Bank report entitled ‘FISH TO 2030: Prospects for Fisheries and Aquaculture’ – available for free online on the World Bank and FAO websites – represents a global view of fish supply and demand generated by an improved International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT). Based on trends in the production of fishing and aquaculture and in fish consumption, it produced – with the help of a multitude of graphs and tables – projections of global fish supply and demand all the way to 2030. In 16 years from now, my younger readers will be able to see how good it was. The report,,, Read more here 07:16