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Doing away with fruit, vegetable middlemen

Its minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, said by eliminating middlemen, farmers’ income will increase, after launching the “fight against middlemen in fruits and vegetables sub-sector” programme at RTC Gopeng.  This is the third such programme launched by Ismail, after the fisheries and padi sector. Read more here  21:19

Mystery bidder offers $5,000 minimum for Maine island lighthouse

YORK, Maine — A $5,000 bid has been placed to buy Boon Island Light Station, according to information online from the , the real estate arm of the federal government.  In December 1710, prior to the construction of the light tower or other buildings, the Nottingham Galley was shipwrecked at Boon Island. The crew survived by resorting to cannibalism  Read more here  19:48


More salmon get truck rides due to drought

Nearly 1 million juvenile Chinook salmon this week will get a truck ride from Red Bluff to San Pablo Bay as a detour around harmful Sacramento River conditions caused by drought. The fish are the last of 12 million fall-run Chinook salmon produced this year at Coleman National Hatchery near Red Bluff. Normally, all those fish are released into Battle Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento, to journey downstream to the Pacific Ocean on their own. Read more here  18:25

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/05/27/6436268/more-salmon-get-truck-rides-due.html#storylink=cpy


A Climate of Change video series: Ocean Acidification in Alaska

In the second chapter of our series of videos on the effects of climate change on fisheries, Island Institute media specialist Scott Sell explores the effects of ocean acidification on the shellfish industry in Alaska — and what that might mean for Maine: Watch, and Read more here   17:19

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Labels for Frankenfish get a bipartisan nod in DC

If  gets a green light by the FDA, it will be labeled as such if US Senators have their way. The Senate Appropriations Committee passed the Murkowski-Begich amendment last week requiring that consumers be advised of what they are buying. Senator Murkowski – Listen, and read more here  16:37


Healthy parents provide clues to survival of young haddock on Georges Bank

In 2003, haddock on Georges Bank experienced the largest baby boom ever documented for the stock, with an estimated 800 million new young fish entering the population. With typical annual averages of 50 to 100 million new fish in the last few decades, fisheries biologists have been puzzled by the huge increase and its ramifications for stock management. They have been looking for answers and may have found one – healthy adults. Read more here  16:18

Fishermen ‘rotted’ N.L.-owned halibut harvested, landed in N.S.

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Fishermen on the south coast of Newfoundland say they are frustrated and angry that a significant halibut quota owned by the provincial government is being harvested by a Nova Scotia company and landed in Nova Scotia. But CBC Investigates and the Fisheries Broadcast recently revealed that Icewater has instead been subleasing it to an unnamed harvesting entity outside the province.  Read more here  14:57

National Park Service seeks to ease tensions with Point Reyes farmers

stoogeFed in part by a vitriolic dispute between the federal government and a rancher who also runs an oyster farm, the ill will here directed at the park is the worst anyone can remember. “There is a level of intensity here that I’ve not seen before,” said park Supt. Cicely Muldoon, 48, a longtime resident of Marin County who this month launched a “truth and reconciliation” campaign to try to ease tensions. Read more here 14:49

Freeport fisherman lands 200-pound halibut alone

Gillis still had the 25-pound head of the halibut in a bucket of the back of his truck when I ran into him in Digby on Saturday, May 24. It didn’t take much to get the story out of him. Thursday, May 22 didn’t start so great for Gillis; his crew backed out on him, but with a wife and kids at home, Gillis has to earn a living. So he went alone. Up at 2:30 a.m., he loaded the boat by himself and set off on to the dark sea. Read more here  14:35

Salmon farmers in B.C. fish for federal legislation

The lack of a federal aquaculture act is hurting British Columbia salmon farming, and the sector as a whole in Canada, say industry leaders. “We’re the only seafood farming industry in the world that doesn’t have its own legislation,” said Ruth Salmon, the executive director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA). Read more here  06:55

Louisiana: First catches of shrimp season ‘not too good’

It was a mixed bag at docks lining local bayous as the first skiffs returned to deliver the first brown shrimp of the spring season. Inshore waters between Freshwater Bayou and the Mississippi River opened at 6 a.m. Monday, but local fishermen said it’s too early to tell whether an already shortened season is going to be bountiful. Read more here  06:36

Fairhaven Shipyard neighbors worry about shipyard reconfiguration

sct logoFAIRHAVEN — The Fairhaven  is asking the state Department of Environmental Protection for permission to reconfigure docks in the North Yard, and neighbors worry the move could result in more pollution. Read more here  06:16