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Half-shell hopes – Oyster farms opening in Kake, Hoonah

KAKE —Timber, construction and commercial fisheries are down, the cannery closed decades ago, and the salmon hatchery here is closing next month. The Organized Village of Kake, the Hoonah Indian Association and organizers across Southeast have another hope: oyster farming. Read more here  21:12

Big mammals vs. big oil: New pipeline puts humpback whales at risk

In a deep fjord in British Columbia called the Douglas Channel, where the Kitimat River pours runs of Chinook salmon into the Pacific Ocean, fishermen see singing humpback whales fling themselves into the air. Now the humpbacks are the flashpoint of an environmental battle. Environmentalists cried foul last month when the Canadian government stripped the whales of protections,,Read more here  20:58

Virginia abided by menhaden catch limit for 2013

In late 2012, Virginia and other Atlantic states adopted the first coast-wide catch limit for menhaden in a historic effort to save the “most important fish in the sea” from years of overfishing. Read more here 


Montauk Commercial Fishermen Want Say on Wind Farm

The queer minded notions of Deepwater chief executive Jeffrey Grybowski

The queer minded notions of Deepwater chief executive Jeffrey Grybowski

As a Rhode Island company navigates multiple regulatory agencies in order to construct the first offshore wind farms in the United States in the ocean east of Montauk, commercial fishermen are raising concerns about how such projects will impact their livelihood. “We’re trying to sustainably grow the fishing economy,” said Ms. Brady, who lives in Montauk. “You don’t destroy something in the name of green energy. To destroy a sustainable industry in the name of sustainability is insane.” Read more here  16:53

Togiak Sac Roe Herring Fishery Closed – This year’s fishery as a success

The 2014 Togiak sac-roe herring fishery is officially closed. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game ordered the closure on Wednesday after all of the processors stopped buying fish.  Tim Sands is the Area Management Biologist for the Division of Commercial Fisheries. He characterized this year’s fishery as a success.  Read more here  16:27

Congressman Walter B. Jones takes action to reform Endangered Species Act

Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) is taking action to modernize the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in order to prevent the waste of taxpayer money and implementation of unnecessary, economically harmful regulations.  This week, Congressman Jones is cosponsoring seven pieces of legislation that would bring transparency to ESA processes and reduce the law’s impact on economic growth. Read more here 16:19

Satellite Observations Show El Nino Coming — And It Could Be The Worst In Decades

Data from ocean-observing satellites and other ocean sensors indicate that El Niño conditions appear to be developing in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Conditions in May 2014 Read more here  16:07

First Nation threatening fisheries blockade waits for DFO’s call

A B.C. First Nation threatening to block commercial fisheries in its traditional waters said it’s still waiting for a meaningful discussion with the federal government about a dispute over the geoduck harvest. Meanwhile, the Stz’uminus Nation is reaching out to commercial fishermen and other involved parties to try and reach an understanding so a blockade can be avoided. Read more here  15:53

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Three Men Charged with Illegal Fishing Causing Environmental Damage and Threatening Industry

clammers_2_0.DA Rice said that on March 11 and 12, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police Department witnessed Ferraro unloading baby Surf Clams from the boat he worked on, the “Day Star,” in Oceanside. Engels and Micolo were observed by DEC police on March 12 unloading baby clams at the same location. Read more here  11:47

NY State moves toward microbead ban, industry urges delay

State lawmakers are moving to ban the sale of some face soaps, shampoos and toothpastes that contain very tiny plastic spheres that flow straight through most municipal sewer systems to gather in the ocean, Lake Erie, and most probably, the Hudson River. Impossible to effectively remove from the water, the beads themselves can collect certain types of pollution, like toxic PCBs, and then can be eaten by fish and other wildlife, accumulated, and passed up the food chain possibly to humans. Read more here  10:57

Wording puts Canada at odds with UN fish plan – calls for the protection of fishermen “in situations of occupation,”

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2A United Nations-sponsored proposal to protect and promote small-scale fisheries has run into a problem, with Canada emerging as the lone dissenting voice in a dispute that may have a connection to policy on the Middle East. Read more here 10:37

“He makes well over $135,000, with credit card, Madame Speaker, and a car, Madame Speaker,”

The controversy over low lobster prices boiled over on the floor of the Legislature Tuesday with a shouting match between P.E.I. Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley and fisheries critic Colin Lavie.  “And he does nothing for the industry. Nothing!” Read more here  08:16

“Any port in a storm.” – Oregon, California Ports Offer Refuge, Commerce, Community

fishermens newsOften erroneously used by landlubbers as a metaphor for sailing past any situation, dangerous or not, this time-worn idiom can sometimes mean the difference between life or death for commercial fishermen and other seafarers. Fortunately, Oregon and California each offer a network of coastal ports that provide refuge from rough seas, as well as markets for commercial fishermen’s catches and a place to call home. Read more here 07:47