Daily Archives: May 3, 2014

American Samoan Fishermen get help from DMWR

Fishermen of alia vessels and small motorized boats are now getting help from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources to pay for their fuel when they go  fishing. Earlier this year, the Governor’s Office allotted $150,000 to DMWR to begin providing assistance to fishermen and small boat owners. Read more here  22:20

Rare goblin shark (edfus lubchencos) caught off Key West

The shark is unusual looking, with an elongated, flattened snout and a protruding jaw with narrow, jagged teeth.  Very little is known about goblin sharks, including how long they live, their biological status and their mating habits, Carlson added. One of the only things biologists do know is that goblin sharks live in very deep water. The few found have mostly been in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Read more here  10:34

Elver investigation brings federal officials to Ellsworth

BDNLaw enforcement officials with the federal agency, along with others from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Maine Marine Patrol, were in Ellsworth early Thursday morning as part of the investigation, according to fishermen and local officials. Read more here  07:34

Guest View: Cause for optimism at NEFMC meeting

sct logoThank you for the report on the Center for Sustainable Fisheries’ proposal that the New England Fisheries Management Council and National Marine Fisheries Service implement an intensive, industry-based, collaborative sampling program focusing on increasing data collection and reducing stock-assessment uncertainty (“Fishery council declines yellowtail proposal,” April 26).  Read more here  07:16