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Jersey Shore fishing: Seismic blasting to begin June 3 unless opposition prevails

baby fishermanJust what effect seismic testing will have along the Jersey Shore is in question, but it seems that almost everyone except the Obama Administration  is opposed to taking a chance on any negative consequences resulting from it during a study that hardly appears to be of high priority. Read more here  21:45

Fuel costs, weather, and regulations contribute to smaller NC seafood harvests

“They just won’t let us fish,” Everett said. “People just can’t make it.” Everett’s father opened the business in 1942, and it shipped fish to Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. But, he said, with tightening restrictions on where fishermen can fish, how many fish they can catch and more, “There was no way to pay your bills.” Read more here  20:18

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/05/26/3889668/fuel-costs-weather-and-regulations.html?sp=/99/100/&ihp=1#storylink=cpy


Korean Air launches weekly lobster shipments from Halifax

Nova Scotia lobster is on the menu as South Korea’s largest airline responds quickly to the Canada-South Korea Free Trade Agreement with a new weekly service. Read more here  19:02

Cork Fisherman Calls For Seal Cull – YoughalOnline.com

Published on May 25, 2014 – Fisherman Barry Clohessy from Youghal, Co Cork, Ireland is outraged with the Department of Marine for ignoring the seal damage to his livelihood. Seals are a protected species in this country but the damage they are doing to nets and the living of the local fishermen is shocking. Watch video here  16:03

Woods Hole allies with energy firms

In the coming days, according to officials at Woods Hole, the institution is set to sign agreements with Saudi Aramco, the primary oil company owned by the Saudi government, to study the potential for “hydrocarbons” in the Red Sea. It is also preparing to ink a deal for a “simulation study” on behalf of the Italian oil company Eni, while it has half a dozen other proposals in the works with unnamed corporations, the officials said. Yet earlier this month, Woods Hole coauthored the Obama administration’s National Climate Assessment, which partly blamed hydrocarbons for causing climate change and damaging oceans. Read more here 13:10

The sea in his blood – He doesn’t plan to retire from lobster fishing any time soon.

roy payzant 91 year old fishermanRoy Payzant heads out to sea at 6 a.m., where he and his two-man crew haul 250 lobster traps every day the weather is decent, which recently meant a six-day week. Some evenings he’s in bed by 8 p.m. and he’s up at 5 a.m. to do it all again. “I never have to set an alarm clock,” which isn’t surprising given Payzant has been doing this for almost 75 years. He turns 92 next month and is a full-time lobster fisherman. Read more here 11:21

Oceanography study examines risks of Old Harry Oil and Gas development

A team of environmental researchers is trying fill some of the knowledge gaps in exploring for oil and gas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the preliminary results give some idea of how vulnerable western Newfoundland’s coastline might be to a spill. Read more here  10:34

N.C. gill net limits hurt watermen’s livelihoods

gill nets john norrisJohn Norris stiffly eased down into his flat-bottom boat using a small step ladder and a helping hand from his fishing partner and wife, Brenda. If he tilts too far, he falls over. Norris, a 68-year-old commercial waterman, is being treated for cancer. He’s had operations on both knees and shoulders, and he carries vertical and horizontal scars more than 12 inches long crisscrossing his torso. Read more here 09:57

It’s back: dead whale turns up on shore

The dead whale had been towed out to sea starting Wednesday by a vessel working on behalf of the Fallbrook-based Marine Conservation Science Institute, but the carcass never made it quite far enough to escape the strong currents that brought it back to shore at Border Field State Park. Read more here  09:16

Keeping it real with eels

gdt iconROCKPORT — There is much that still is not known about the American eel. But that’s hardly the fault of Eric Hutchins. Hutchins, a NOAA fisheries biologist, is all about keeping it real with the eel. It would be hard to find anyone, anywhere, better at the eel spiel than the Rockport resident. Read more here Five free pages! This article is three pages. Talk about being cheap? 09:00