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Plans for a local Asian Carp processing center are on the way

EAST PEORIA, Ill. — Local leaders, international entrepreneurs, and local businesses are cooking up a plan to control the invasion of Asian Carp in the Illinois River. Ten entrepreneurs in China have expressed interest in bringing an Asian Carp processing center to the Peoria area. Read more here 22:29

Macaluso: Years have changed Louisiana shrimp plan

Back then, as many as 100 shrimpers expressed their opinions on what action the seven-member commission should take for those all-important opening dates. Today, the process is so routine, so accepted, that it drew only two comments, and those came from Vermilion Bay interests, and one was about how much trouble abandoned crab traps cause Vermilion shrimpers. Read more here  18:43

Md. Seafood Industry Wonders How to Fix Crab Problem

blue crab 2She says watermen and the state need to look at other states like the Carolinas and see how they run their fishery, and apply those lessons to the Chesapeake Bay fishery.  But many, like Josh Parker at TL Morris Seafood, still believe an overabundance of rockfish are to blame. “The rockfish are just destroying them.  They’re just going around eating up all the baby crabs and that’s what we end up with.”  said Parker. Read more here, video  18:01

White House Releases National Climate Action Plan

Today the White House released the 3rd National Climate AssessmentThe report finds that climate change is not a distant threat, but it is affecting the American people already. These findings underscore the need for urgent action to combat the threats from climate change, protect American citizens and communities today, and build a healthy, sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.
NOAA (including Fisheries) had major roles in all aspects of this report from overall leadership to developing technical reports to expert scientists crafting the final assessment chapters. Fisheries had variety of roles including leading the team that did the technical report on climate impacts on US ocean ecosystems (ST) to expert scientists participating in various stages of the assessment. This is the first climate assessment report that will have specific chapters dedicated to current and projected climate impacts on U.S. oceans and coasts. The chapter on oceans highlights the growing evidence of current and expected future impacts on physical, chemical, and biological ocean components (e.g., fish stock distributions) and some social/economic impacts.16:17

Alaska halts 2014 Chinook salmon fishing on Yukon River

The worst fears are coming true this year for the Chinook salmon run on the Yukon River. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says there will be no commercial or sport fishing for Chinook salmon this season. Read more here  16:05

California drift gill nets escape legislative ban; new technology promises to reduce bycatch

Local fishers have won a hard-fought battle against environmentalists working to ban the use of controversial gill nets, which are notorious for snagging unintended victims in their underwater synthetic webs. A bill in the state Legislature that would have likely shut down a local swordfish and thresher shark drift gill net fishery failed its first committee hearing despite widespread support from ocean and environmental advocates. Read more here  15:04

Overview of California DFW’s Annual Marine Fisheries Report – April 2014

California’s Annual Marine Fisheries Report – The Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) guides State fishery management policy.  It does so by instructing managers to focus on sustainable use, conservation (including habitat protection), rebuilding depressed stocks, preventing overfishing, and establishing a scientific foundation for management decisions. Presented during the Fisheries Forum – April 2014 Read the report  14:13

New lobster processor, Maine Fair Trade Lobster, hopes to help bring economic stability to Schoodic area

BDNGOULDSBORO, Maine — For the past year and a half, two regional seafood distributors have been working together to create the largest lobster processing plant in the state. And much to the relief of local residents, the two have been doing it quietly, with little fanfare or drama. Read more here 11:45

New RI Marine Fisheries Institute to be formed

The University of Rhode Island and state Department of Environmental Management have teamed up to create a new organization devoted to marine fisheries. Read more here  11:18

Fishers on hook under province’s anti-mussel plan

wayne glowackiWINNIPEG BEACH — Everyone knows fishing is best in spring, especially commercial fishers. “Every hour that passes is hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars,” said Kris Isfeld, a commercial fisherman out of Winnipeg Beach harbour. “That’s when we make half our income.” So when the province announced last week it was closing four Lake Winnipeg harbours, including Winnipeg Beach and Gimli, preventing about 130 fishing skiffs from,, Read more here 11:06