Daily Archives: May 16, 2014

Full closure of Yukon River chinook salmon fishery is being recommended by the Yukon Salmon Sub-committee.

“At the end of this process, we will put to the minister (federal Fisheries minister) a solid recommendation from the communities, from the First Nations and the committee,” she said. The State of Alaska has already announced it will be implementing a complete closure on the chinook run, including a full closure of the subsistence fishery for the first time in Alaska’s history. Read more here  20:41

Food safety concerns cost Red Cove plant in Cape Wolfe, P.E.I. seafood plant its registration

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has not renewed the registration of a P.E.I. seafood processor, citing food safety concerns. The Red Cove plant at Cape Wolfe in western P.E.I. was registered to process lobster, crab and mollusks. The CFIA says the registration was not renewed, effective May 8, 2014. Read more here 16:48

Guest column: Warnings about seismic testing, Neil A. Armingeon of St. Augustine

The noise is constant, every 16 seconds, 24 hour a day, for weeks on end. Could you read? Communicate with your family? This isn’t science fiction. It could happen near our beaches and our coastal waters. The oil and gas industry want to map oil and gas reserves off the Atlantic coast. To do that, it needs seismic airgun testing. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill taught us there is no such thing as clean oil and gas production.  Read more here 16:29

Board of Fisheries rejects Kuskokwim change

23523_354387901211_7651997_aThe board considered a petition from the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group that would have enabled the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to restrict subsistence fishers to 4-inch mesh setnets, disallowing drift nets on the river. Board chair Karl Johnstone noted that there was not an emergency per say, because the board had been aware that the run this year was going to be poor. Read more here 16:11

Accused baby eel smuggler Matthew Kinney, 30, of Bremen, Maine, charged with assaulting officer

Matthew Kinney, 30, of Bremen, Maine, was indicted this month by a Rockingham County grand jury on three counts of simple assault and one count of being in possession of a controlled drug. The indictment means the grand jury found enough evidence to warrant a trial. Kinney is accused of assaulting a conservation officer after he and his brother, Justin Kinney,,, Read more here 15:45

Feinstein: Environmentalists no help on California drought

Environmentalists “have never been helpful to me in producing good water policy,” the California Democrat said. “You can’t have a water infrastructure for 16 million people and say, ‘Oh, it’s fine for 38 million people,’ when we’re losing the Sierra Nevada snowpack.’ The diversion is already damaging endangered steelhead trout and commercial chinook salmon, said Jon Rosenfield, a conservation biologist at the Bay Institute, a San Francisco environmental group. Read more here 12:21

Appeal panel hears debate over mesh size in Florida fishing net rules

TALLAHASSEE _ A long-running legal battle that sits at the odd intersection of politics and commercial fishing took another step forward Thursday in a Tallahassee appeal court hearing. Read more here 11:52

McAuliffe signs storm-water legislation at VIMS

GLOUCESTER Va— Gov. Terry McAuliffe proved he’s a hands-on governor Thursday when he capped a ceremonial signing of state legislation regulating storm water on the campus of Virginia Institute of Marine Science with a tour on a trawling boat that had him handling live fish and blue crab. Read more here 09:18